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Tucson Movers Need to Watch Out For the Heat

Movers in Tucson Feel the Heat

Local Tucson movers are probably aware of how hot it can get down here. They know that the city isn’t called The Old Pueblo because of our igloos. They also might remember the time our city tried to adopt a new nickname, The Sunshine Factory.

What they don’t know is how difficult the heat can make moving. Take it from a Tucson moving company: the hot temperatures don’t make things easier.

Luckily, there are a number of steps that movers in Tucson can take in order to make sure the heat doesn’t get to them too much. So, for your reading pleasure, we give you the list.

The List

  • Wear sunscreen! Nothing’s worse than having a sunburn the first night you spend in your new home. That can be really uncomfortable!
  • Consider moving during the Winter. It might be a less convenient time to move, but the temperature sure is hard to argue with!
  • Bring some bottled water. We know, we know, you’re carrying a lot of stuff already. But you’re likely to get dehydrated due to the rigors of moving. That, combined with the heat of Tucson, means that water is a must.
  • Place a wet towel around your neck. The neck is a pulse point, i.e. a place where blood vessels are close to the surface of the skin. When it’s cool, the rest of your body cools more quickly.
  • Start as early in the day as possible. Mornings are your friend, because they’re cooler. The longer the sun’s out, the hottest things get. Noon to 3 p.m. tends to be the hottest time of day.

The Takeaway

These are our 5 tips from your team of local movers here at My Tucson Movers. If you’re moving in Southern Arizona, give us a call at (520) 822-6140. We offer local and long distance moving services throughout the greater Tucson area. Call us for a quote today, or send us an email at

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