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26 Tips for Moving Your Kids to Tucson, AZ

Moving is stressful for anyone, regardless of age.

However, it can be particularly stressful for any young ones you have. In some cases, this might be the first time they relocate from one place to another. Their original home might be all they know.

So, in order to give you some ideas as to what you can do to help your kids move, My Tucson Movers have compiled a list of 26 tips that will help your child(ren) make the move to Tucson.

26 Tips That Will Make the Long-Distance Tucson, AZ Move Easier For Children

  1. If you can, involve your kids in the process of buying a new home. Show them the options you’re choosing between, and let them know that their opinions will be heard.
  2. Hold a family meeting to make sure everyone’s on the same page about the move.
  3. Tell your children the story of your first move. This will help them feel like they’re not alone during this experience.
  4. Read your children stories about heroes who travel. Whether it’s Dr. Seuss’s Oh, The Places You’ll Go! or J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, this will help frame their journey in a positive, adventurous light. Compare the hero’s journey to your family’s.
  5. Explain to the kids that moving doesn’t mean they lose all of their old friends. Make sure they get contact information from their old friends.
  6. Invite them and all their friends to a going-away party. This will allow for some closure.
  7. Have them write thank-you notes to any of the teachers who made an impact on their life. Not only will the teachers appreciate it — it will help teach them the importance of gratitude.
  8. Find out as much as you can about the new school ahead of time. This will let you know what to be prepared for.
  9. Emphasize when talking to your kids that they will find friends wherever they go. This will be especially true if they have a positive attitude.
  10. Find some pictures of the new house, to help them visualize it.
  11. If you can, visit the house with your kids before you officially move in. This will allow them to acclimate to the idea of living there.
  12. Collect everyone’s school, dental, and medical records before you leave.
  13. Ask your current health care providers if they know of anyone good in the Tucson area.
  14. Clean out all the clutter that’s developed over the years — the books, toys, and clothes that never get used.
  15. Consider selling the things you want to get rid of, and then buying the kids something to comfort them on the move. Depending on age, a stuffed animal might be a good choice.
  16. When you’re ready to make the move, call My Tucson Movers at (520) 822-6140. Why wouldn’t you work with the best Tucson mover in the area?
  17. Have the kids pack up their favorite items. This will allow them to feel comfortable knowing that their favorite things were packed properly.
  18. Make sure everything is labeled correctly. That will save you a lot of stress during the unpacking process.
  19. Aside from packing for the moving, also make sure to pack for the trip. Drinks, snacks, and paper towels are all important. If the move is going to require you to stay somewhere for a night, also bring toiletries, changes of clothes, and so on.
  20. When you’re in the car and on your way to your new home, make some interesting pit stops. This will help to put the focus on what a fun adventure the move is.
  21. Put on some songs that your kids love. Again, it’s all about making the move fun.
  22. When you first arrive in your new home, there are going to be several days of adjustment and unpacking. When the family has some free time, find out where some of the interesting local sites are. Go there and have fun.
  23. Take your kids to the local library and have them get library cards.
  24. Let the kids help with decorating their rooms. Give them ideas for wall colors, furniture, etc. If they seem to enjoy the process, consider letting them help with other rooms, too.
  25. Depending on how far the move was, you might consider visiting your old neighborhood for a weekend.
  26. Above all else, talk to your kids. Listen to them. Let them know you care. Together, you guys can make the move a fun adventure.

We Want Your Move to Be Successful

Those are our 26 Tips That Will Make the Long-Distance Tucson, AZ Move Easier for children. If you need a Tucson moving company, call us at 520-822-6140. We always strive to make moves comfortable and stress-free.

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