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More About Moving to Oro Valley


Did you know that in 2013, Oro Valley was named one of the best places to raise kids?

In 2014, it was named within the top 10 of the safest suburbs in the US.

The town of Oro Valley is just one area that Tucson movers might consider for their new home. If you’re thinking of this town for the location of your new home or office, you might be surprised by all that this Tucson town has to offer.

Connected to the Very Best

The best events in Oro Valley double as the best events in all of Tucson. Tucson’s great bicycle race, El Tour de Tucson, actually begins in Oro Valley. If that weren’t enough, the town also plays a role in the Tucson Marathon.

Oro Valley connects to Catalina State Park, which provides many opportunities for back-packing, camping, and horseback riding.  For even more outdoor adventures, you can also easily swing by the Coronado National Forest.

Fun Activities

Oro Valley has also built its own attractions to entice Tucson movers.

The city has just built an Archery Range, where residents can learn the craft of the bow and arrow. Another standby for a town known for its hot summers is the Aquatic Center. This water park features slides, fountains, pools, and more.

While several bike races have already been noted above, Oro Valley has also received the “Gold” level for being a Bicycle Friendly Community for the years from 2006 to 2012. The League of American Bicyclists honored Oro Valley with this award due to the safety of bikers in the area and the many facilities in the city that aid cyclists.

Preserving an Ancient Past

You don’t have to be a history buff to be amazed by the historic connections preserved in Oro Valley. One popular historical site is the Steam Pump Ranch. It has actually been recognized on the National Register of Historic Places for preserving connections all the way from the area’s very first settlers to the impact of economic hardship in the 1900s.

Oro Valley’s “Honey Bee Village” is perhaps the most remarkable historical site of all. Established back in A.D. 450, these ruins were once inhabited by the Hohokam Native American tribe. In the present day, you can still visit the large mounds, plazas, and enclosures that the Hohokam people created for their own home.

There are many attractions that bring people to Tucson and its suburbs. If you are thinking of moving to a new town, it is always good to research the area and see if it suits the type of lifestyle you enjoy. If Oro Valley or any other Arizona town seems like the right fit, you can always rely on My Tucson Movers to guarantee a safe and easy move.

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