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More About Moving to Rincon Heights


Nature and art are just a few of the neighbors you will meet if you’re a Tucson mover headed to Rincon Heights. This northeast Tucson area was begun in the 1880s, and its residents have actively preserved their sense of place by cultivating nature and protecting the town’s history through the art and architecture of the residents’ homes.

Read on to learn how Tucson residents of the Rincon Heights have created a welcoming place for Tucson movers to build their new home.

Community Efforts for Green Living

Together, residents here have planted 1,500 trees and 81 rain gardens. No company or city worker made these improvements to the area; the work all fell to the efforts of community members.

The same is true for the neighborhood’s organic community garden and pocket park. If you’ve never heard of a pocket park, this is a small green space that residents created out of an old, abandoned parking lot.

In this way, the Rincon Heights community actively makes space for nature and the beautifying effect that green space has.

Outdoor Activities & Adventures in Science

Nature even has a role in activities and events in Rincon Heights.

On the Tucson Phenology Trail, residents can observe how plants grow and change with commentary and instruction by real scientists. Community authorities also guide residents along entomology events.

One such event is the “black light bug safari” where a university member studying entomology introduces walkers to the many insects and little animals who share a home in the Rincon Heights area.


Art in Architecture

Art in the Rincon Heights is in the very walls of the homes themselves!

The architecture of the area, according to the Downtown Tucson Partnership, is “an eclectic blend of 1920’s-1940’s Revival Styles and vernacular designs, including Bungalow, Spanish Revival and Ranch.”

These various styles reveal the shifting hopes, needs, and beliefs of the community over time: Ranch designs were imported from California in the Post-War era, while most vernacular designs can be traced back to the Depression, as a result of community needs for simplicity and inexpensive building materials.

Spanish Revival designs exhibit just a small part of the area’s diverse heritage.

Take a stroll in your neighborhood to see, for instance, homes built in the Spanish Colonial Revival Style. This style, developed in the 1920s traces its roots to the influence of Spain on the Americas. Beautiful asymmetrical designs incorporate grand balconies, statuesque iron, glimmering tiled roofs, and spacious courtyards to evoke a grand sense of history and style.

Rincon Heights is a neighborhood with many compelling qualities.

But new movers to Tucson can rest assured that many neighborhoods throughout the area have their own enticing features. When you settle on the right Tucson neighborhood or suburb, be sure to hire a qualified moving company to guarantee the safety, efficiency, and convenience of your move.

Moving to Rincon Heights?

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