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Tips on Moving with Seniors


Moving with elderly family members can be a different process than moving with someone young. It can take much longer to accomplish, and the transition itself can have a much more emotional impact. Not only that, even simple tasks like unpacking can lead to physical strain or injury.

Sometimes you need special care and consideration when moving with seniors. Knowing what to do and how to stay prepared will help make the moving process a lot easier for you and your elderly loved one.

If you have an elderly relative or friend looking to move in the near future, check out these tips for

Be Present During the Move

Moving into a new home or assisted living center can be a difficult transition for an elderly person. Sometimes, simply being with a them helps a great deal with the moving process. If your friend or family member is moving to a retirement community, they may feel unprepared for the change. If they’re moving in with their children or relatives for care, they may feel like a burden on their loved ones.

Being present for comfort and support during the move can make all the difference.

Even if they don’t require much assistance, offering to lend a hand and staying with them can help ease the stress that comes with transitioning to a new living space. Even if a moving company is hired to help, your company can make all the difference.

Help Decide What to Take to the New Home

For many seniors, certain items hold a very special meaning. Whether it’s an old blanket or a treasured family photo, there are some items they will want to take with them during their move.

It is important to discuss which items and belongings they want to take with them and which ones hold the most value. This might require a little extra planning and time, but it is certainly worth it to your elderly friend or family member.

Items that are truly irreplaceable should be marked in a special box so that they are quick and easy to access once the move is complete.

Hire Professional Tucson Movers

Heavily lifting is generally inadvisable due to obvious health risks, and doing it yourself can also lead to injury and damage. Hiring local Tucson movers will remove the responsibility of loading and unloading heavy boxes during a move.

Besides their manpower, professional moving companies are fast, efficient, and understand that items being moved should be handled with utmost care.

A move can be radical change in lifestyle for a senior citizen. Offering support, care, and assistance can help ease the moving process and allow them to feel comfortable in the transition from one environment to another.

When you hire a professional moving company to service your senior move, we guarantee you’ll be in good hands. A local Tucson mover will work with you to ensure that all moving needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

Hiring professional movers will provide your loved one with the peace of mind they need for a successful local or long distance senior move.

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