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Tested Methods for Moving to College


Whether you see it as an art or a science, moving to college – and moving at all – requires skill, preparation, and hard work. From packing college dorm essentials to making enough room in your car, moving truck or van, college moves can be a lot to take on if you don’t know where to start. Don’t hesitate to consult with an experienced Tucson moving company.

If you’re planning on moving away to college, check out these tried and true packing and moving tips for a smooth move:




It’s easy to find useful tips and tricks for moving clothes. To minimize the space as well as reduce the risk of making them creased and wrinkled, one method of packing involved rolling up each item of clothing. This is a helpful trick used by travelers looking to size down their luggage for a trip; however, it can help you just as well!

For articles of clothing best left on the hanger, don’t worry: we have a method for moving them, too. Even if your closeted clothes can be packed via folding or rolling, this miracle method will save you major time.

As your clothes are hanging, take a large trash bag and open it, lifting the bag around the bottom of the hanging clothes. Simply fill the bag with your clothes and fasten the top of the bag around the neck of the hangers. Now your clothes are ready to be safely transported in one trip, protected from indoor and outdoor elements.

Toiletries and General Possessions

When it comes to packing toiletries and other items, remember to keep it simple.

Since you already own backpacks, sports bags, shopping bags, and purses, use these containers to keep your possessions together and organize them usefully.

Use your sports bags for toiletries that keep you fresh and clean. Put makeup and other toiletries where they belong in your purse or makeup bag. Use shopping bags and backpacks to carry your notebooks, office supplies, technical tools, and other items needed for daily college life.

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The key to this method is keeping everything grouped in its proper place. When extra makeup can’t fit in makeup bags, or when extra bottles of shampoo can’t fit into your sports bag, you have a fresh opportunity to re-evaluate whether you are packing too much. Take careful stock of everything that is left over or simply not fitting in: it’s likely that these remaining belongings can easily be repurchased once they are needed again, or given away to someone who needs them, or even thrown out.

Furniture and Decorations

The pride and joy of a new college mover rests with their ability to choose how their space looks. But students must remember that wherever they are moving, their choices will be severely limited. While fabric, posters, and a lamp here and there might fit into a dorm room, there usually will not be space for much more. So long as the bed and the desk area are provided for by tenants or residence halls, decorative possessions should be kept to a minimum.

Of course, when speaking of small or regular-sized apartment rooms, a different analysis must be made. The best recommendations for these situations are totally contingent on what fellow renters, roommates, and landlords expect. A room might be fully furnished or totally empty. Two roommates sharing one room might both bring a big screen TV and sofa. For apartment situations, always communicate expectations with living partners. And if furniture does factor into a move, a moving company can surely help, supplying their own tips, tricks, and tools of trade.

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