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Moving and Military Families


Most families do not move often. Some move once, twice, or maybe three times at most, and even then, families will only move around the same city to a new home or apartment.

Military families have it different. Given the nature of their jobs, military members find themselves moving across the country and sometimes across the world, several times throughout their careers. It can certainly be a stressful experience for them, but it is also difficult for their families who have to relocate, too.

If you’re like many military families planning to move, here are some tips to help ease the moving process for both you and your loved ones.

Find Support

It helps to have a support group and communicate with those who understand the difficulties of constantly moving.

Southeast Tucson is home to a large military population because of the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Military families from across the country are stationed in Tucson and tend to live near each other in the surrounding neighborhoods. Other families have experienced the moving process and understand the various hardships that come with working in the military.

Whether you’re chatting with spouses, children, new friends, or military members, it helps to have a support network that understands your unique situation.

Be There For the Children

In military families, kids often deal with relocation the hardest.

When children are forced to transfer schools so often, military children may find it difficult to make new friends and still keep in touch with old ones.

Moving in a military family can put a heavy weight of stress and anxiety on children of any age. They may feel hurt, scared, and unsure of how to live in a new and unfamiliar city.

One way to ease the stress of military moves is to encourage your children to help with the moving process beforehand. This can help a move feel more like an adventure than an obligation. Encourage them to read about their new city and learn more about what it has to offer.

As a parent, it is important to emphasize and be there for your children. If possible, arrange gatherings with other neighbors and their children so that meeting new people can be easier for them. This will also give you the opportunity to make new friends, too!

Make New Friends

Since Tucson’s military service members live near the Air Force Base, it provides a military community where families can live and grow together.

For those who are not affiliated with the military, helping them meet neighbors and other families in the area is a great way to make the moving process easier and the adjustment smoother.

Having good people around can help reduce the overall stress that comes with relocation. Try to organize family dinners or play parties for the kids so that everyone can get a chance to meet one another and forge relationships.

The constant moving military families experience is not always easy. While adjusting to a new life and new city can be difficult, the right effort and dialogue will help make the process smoother, less upsetting, and open the door for new adventures and experiences.

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