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moving long distance with your children.

Tips for Long Distance Moving with a Family

Long distance moves can be challenging even for adults in their prime. For children, seniors, and pets, the process can bring even more stress and anxiety. As a result, moving to or from Tucson with your family, especially over a distance of many miles, requires more than hiring movers from Tucson and packing up. Instead, it also requires planning, forethought, and special accommodations. Following are a few tips for helping your family move go more smoothly and calmly for everyone.

Moving with Children


When helping children prepare for a big move, communication is key. They will need time to process the idea of moving and work through their questions. As a result, you should tell them about the move about a month in advance and be prepared to answer questions, comfort tears, and field angry responses throughout the weeks leading up to the big day. Encouraging your children to express their emotions, even the negative ones, can also help them to work through those emotions more effectively.

Pack their things last

While you will be packing far in advance of your move, leaving your children’s belongings to move last will help to reduce their stress and maintain a sense of normalcy for them as long as possible. When you do begin to pack up their belongings, allowing them to be involved by choosing toys to keep out for the car ride or labeling boxes can help them feel more accepting of the process.

Prepare for a long trip

Regardless of your normal habits, moving is the time to call in babysitting help and technology to make moving day go more smoothly. While your Tucson moving company is loading up the truck, your children should be under the care of a trusted friend or caregiver. During the trip, which can be long if you are moving far away, you should pack toys, technology, and snacks to keep them entertained. In addition, you should schedule extra rest stops to allow your children to take breaks in order to get some exercise and reduce tension and stress from being in the car too long.

Moving with Seniors

Let them pack their valuables

Seniors in your home may have their own family heirlooms and other valuables that would be difficult to replace if they were lost or damaged. Even if you hire a moving company from Tucson to help you pack up your belongings, allowing your elderly family member to pack their own valuables will help to prevent breakage and lost items. In addition, you should consider keeping these valuables with you and your elderly loved one during the trip to your new home, in order to ensure their safety and ease any anxiety your loved one may feel about getting their belongings safely to the new destination.

Leave plenty of time for packing

Chaos and rush can create distress for seniors. As a result, waiting until the last minute to pack up, and trying to direct your moving services from Tucson while filling last minute boxes, may create a difficult day for your elderly loved one. As a result, it is wise to begin packing far in advance of your moving date. In addition, packing in an organized fashion will make it less stressful for your elderly loved one to unpack and settle in at your new home at the end of the trip.

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Keep things as normal as possible

Finally, normalcy will be key in successfully moving with a senior. For instance, when you arrive at your new location, make sure to set up their space first, so they can be surrounded with their belongings and have a place to rest and recover from the exertions of the move. If possible, find a normal activity in which they can engage (such as shopping or taking a walk), both while the loading is occurring and while the unloading and unpacking is going on after you arrive at your new location.

Moving with Pets

Prepare them for a road trip

While you cannot explain to your pet what a move is or where you are going, you can take other steps to prepare them for the move. In particular, you can prepare them for the long trip you need to take during a long distance move. Begin getting them used to traveling in their carrier, especially if you have never used one with them before, by giving them food and treats in their crates and carriers, taking them on drives while they are in their carrier, etc. in order to make the actual trip on moving day less stressful and anxious for you both.

Pack supplies for the trip

Before you move, make sure to pack basic supplies to accompany you and your pet on the trip to your new home. For instance, make sure you have plenty of fresh water, food, blankets, etc. to sustain your pet over the course of the trip. Leaving them with some of their favorite toys can also help to ease their anxiety, and you will not be scrambling to purchase or locate items buried in the back of the moving truck once you reach your new destination.

Choose pet-friendly accommodations

A long distance move may require you to stay overnight in a hotel as you drive to your new home. If this is the case, make sure that the place you hope to stop at will accommodate your pets. Otherwise, you may end up having no place to leave your dog or cat at the end of a long day, creating additional stress for both you and your pets.
Long distance moving, especially with the whole family, presents challenges that moving alone does not. However, in addition to finding a reliable moving company in Tucson, taking steps to maintain normalcy, comfort, and communication will go a long way toward making your children, senior loved ones, and pets more comfortable and relaxed during even a very long move.

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