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How to Transfer Medical Records When Moving to Tucson.

How to Transfer Medical Records When Moving to Tucson

There are a whole lot of important things to think about when moving and it’s easy to forget to have your medical records transferred to your new medical offices. With new places, comes new doctors, specialists and hospitals. After all, your old doctor isn’t going to be riding in the moving truck with you when you reach your new home.

How do you get your medical records to your new place?

1. Decide who is getting copies

Here, you have two options: sending them or simply bringing them with you. Bringing your medical records can come in handy if you need them quickly, however, it can also be incredibly inconvenient and risky. That’s where sending them to a third party comes in. If you’re sending your files to a third party, make sure you have their contact information on hand just in case you experience any difficulties throughout the process.

2. Find a new doctor

Remember your records can’t be sent until you select new doctors in your new town. Keep in mind shipping medical records isn’t a high priority, it might take a month or two before your doctor gets it. Select a new doctor based on quality reviews and recommendations, which can be found online or through your new neighbors!

3. Decide what copies to keep and what to leave behind

You can obtain your entire file (warning: it’s going to be A LOT of pages) or just a summary of your data. Just a note, you’re probably going to have to pay for the copies you print, so keep in mind the cost of paper per sheet printed.

4. Submit a request for your record

You can either talk to your local doctor or go to your local hospital, whichever you commonly frequent, and submit a medical release form. The following information must be included: Your first and last name, your date of birth, your contact information, your social security number, specifics of which records to release, and a deadline of when to send the records.

5. Pay a Fee

When you submit a request, you have to pay a fee. HIPAA has a rule about fees that allows providers to charge a “reasonable, cost-based fee,” meaning they will charge you for copies or methods of sending the records. If your provider keeps electronic files, you may be able to access them online and print them for free.

6. Wait for your records

It shouldn’t take long to get your medical records. The amount of time varies by state. However, it could take 1 to 2 months, so start about a month prior to your move to make sure your medical records are available in a timely manner.

7. Keep your medical records safe!

Once your medical records are out of your current provider’s hands, they are no longer responsible for the files’ security – that’s now on you or your future provider. If you take your copies with you, they will be handy in case of an emergency. The downside of that would be that it’s more paperwork you need to keep track of and risk mishandling. And even though they’re only copies, you don’t want to lose them and risk them falling into the hands of identity thieves.

8. If you’ve already moved

If you’ve already moved and need your medical records sent to you or your current medical provider, you can do so by email or mail and pay the fee online or over the phone. Though this method, you will have to pay a small administrative fee as well as sign a release form. Contact your doctor to understand the procedures better if you are unsure. You can also choose a new provider and make a third-party request for your medical records by submitting in writing that your new doctor can have access to your medical records, and the files will be sent to your new doctor.

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