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4 places to visit when you move to Tucson.

Moving to Tucson? Here are 4 Places You Need to Visit

So, you’re moving to Tucson? Well, if you really want to call yourself a true Tucsonan, you’ll have to take a few field trips first. This list of must-see places is sure to bring out the best that Tucson has to offer.

4. Reid Park Zoo

The Reid Park Zoo is a perfect place to bring your family and the kids! With over 30 species of animals, the Reid Park Zoo has tons of educational experiences that will enrich your local knowledge. They also offer an array of events, including children’s events and events focused on animal conservation, that are posted on their website. Their helpful and knowledgeable staff ensure that everyone in your group has a great time and gets to know Tucson! Admission is $10.50 for adults 15-61, seniors over 61 get in for $8.50 and kids 2-14 get in for $6.50.

3. Saguaro National Park

Home to the Giant Saguaro cactus, the Saguaro National Park is one of Tucson’s most expansive natural parks. Windy walks with partly shaded cloud coverage make up the iconic experiences that this vast desert land has to offer. Bring your camera because you should expect to encounter some of the largest cactuses you’ve ever seen! Perfect for large groups, the Saguaro National Park charges just $15 per vehicle, or $5 per person.

2. Mission San Xavier del Bac

Founded in 1692, Mission San Xavier del Bac, is one of Tucson’s oldest Catholic churches initiated by Spanish Catholic missionaries. Unforgettable architectural makes up and surrounds this property. This beautiful and active church will immerse you and your family in the historic community of Tucson. The church still practices regularly and holds religious ceremonies like weddings and baptisms, so remain respectful of its historical and religious sanctity.

1. Arizona-Sonora Museum

A widely known favorite in Tucson, Arizona is the Arizona-Sonora Museum. This is not just any museum – the Arizona-Sonora Museum also includes a zoo, botanical garden, and aquarium, making it the perfect one-stop shop for history, nature, and animal lovers! Additionally, the museum offers their live animal presentations, including the popular Raptor Free Flight, which gives visitors the opportunity to see the natural flight patterns of the Museum’s birds over the open desert. Admission for the Arizona-Sonora Museum is $21.95 for adults, $19.95 for seniors 65+, and $8.95 for children ages 3-12.

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