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How to Pack Electronics for Moving.

How to Pack Electronics for Moving

Moving is always a stress-filled and chaotic task that none of us want to do, but all of us have to
do at some point in time. Packing everything from one location to another in one piece is a
massive problem because of delicate items and the sometimes not so delicate moving process.
Electronics are usually pricey and valuable, putting them high on the list of important things to
protect. My Tucson Movers has your solution with some tips and tricks on how to pack your electronics
safely and properly to ensure that everything stays intact.

Original packages do come in handy

The most appropriate defense to damage is the original package that your electronic came in
when purchased. These are originally designed to protect the product through the delivery
process from the factory or to your home. This packaging ensures that when you transfer it in
your move, it will remain safe. If you do not have the original packaging, which is likely, you can
find similar boxes that will do the job. Make sure that these boxes are around the same size as
the original box would have been to eliminate space for the product to shift.

Cushion your electronics

Bubble wrap, packing paper or even newspaper can serve as that extra line of defense between
your electronic and damage. Make sure to cushion the product from top, bottom, and sides to
protect every aspect of the device. After reinforcing your electronics properly, package and tape
them up with packaging tape for a secure hold. This cushioning is a crucial step because,
without this, your product is most likely going to break.

Labels are essential

Moving boxes to and from a destination can be cluttered and messy. To guarantee that your
electronics are easily recognizable, label which electronic is in which box. Also, use the
keywords “FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP” to alert anyone who is moving that item to use extra
precaution. This tip not only makes organizing and unpacking the items easier but takes the
stress out of trying to identify what boxes contain what electronics.

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