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Tips for Making a Long Distance Move Manageable

Long distance moves, those that take you to different cities or states, present a unique set of changes. You will find that the culture and people in your new place differ from those in Tucson, and you may also find that the distance makes it a bit more challenging to safely, efficiently, and affordably transport all of your worldly goods to your new place. Fortunately, with some planning, foresight, and expert movers from Tucson, these moves can still go smoothly. Following are a few of the steps you can take to make your long distance move a more pleasant and manageable experience:

Sort Through Your Belongings First

Often, the cost of moving is calculated based on the weight of the items being moved. As a result, the more your possessions weigh on moving day, the more you will pay to transport them to your new home. Even if they don’t base the price on weight, in every case, the cost will be dependent in some way upon the amount that you are planning to move. More stuff means more boxes, and more boxes could mean more moving trucks.

Therefore, in order to keep your moving costs within your budget, you should sort through all of your belongings prior to the move and get rid of anything you can. The goal should be to pack small and light. For instance, consider throwing out, donating, or selling anything you have not used in a year, including kitchen appliances and clothing. Also throw out broken items, break furniture down to save on space, and eliminate anything that you can purchase inexpensively and easily in your new location.

Take Your New Home Into Consideration

One useful step to take when sorting through your belongings is to think about your new location. Often, a long distance move means that you will end up somewhere that is significantly different in climate and culture than Tucson. As a result, some of the items you need in Tucson may not be needed in your new place. For instance, if you move to Alaska, you may want to leave some of your summer clothes behind in favor of purchasing warmer clothes up north. If you are moving to the inner city, you may choose not to bring your mountain bike along.

Your home will also determine to some extent which items you pack and which you get rid of. For instance, if you move to an apartment from a house, you will need to significantly downsize your possessions and furniture. If you are moving to a home that does not have both a family room and a living room, you may need to get rid of your extra living room set. Getting rid of items you do not need will reduce your moving costs and save you the headache later of finding space for things you will not use at your new place.

Protect Your ValuablesMoving boxes

Because you are moving far away, there is a greater chance that your valuables will be damaged along the way. One way to protect these valuables is to pack them ahead of time. By packing them in advance, you can be sure that they are placed somewhere safe, out of the way during the more hurried packing that occurs closer to the moving date, and set aside for careful attention the day of the move.

Alternatively, your Tucson moving company should be able to help you pack efficiently and compactly. With their help, your most valuable possessions will be packed securely and placed in a safe place for transport. If you take the time to research and hire an experienced and proven Tucson moving company, they should have the expertise needed to care for your valuables the way that you do and transport them safely to your new home.

Purchase Moving Insurance

Even the best moving companies in Tucson make mistakes sometimes. Though rare, accidents or other problems that result in damage to your belongings can cost you a significant amount of money. As a result, moving insurance can provide you with peace of mind and financial protection in the event that such an accident occurs during your move. This insurance repays you in full or in part for any damage incurred during the move by accidents or other unforeseen circumstances. Your Tucson movers should offer you this insurance, or give you the option of purchasing it from a third party.

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Follow A Schedule

Finally, a successful long distance move follows a schedule. There are many details that you will need to keep track of over the months leading up to your move. For instance, you may need to find a place to stay, arrange turning off the utilities in your old place and turning them on in your new, pack, hire a moving company, clean your old place, sell your old home, say goodbye to friends, etc. A schedule can help you to keep track of all these things so you do not forget anything or find yourself scrambling to complete them all in the last few days before your move. For instance, it can remind you to book your mover six weeks in advance and have a final lunch date with a friend before you get too busy.

Moving far away does not have to be overwhelming. Instead, with a little planning and some help from experienced movers in Tucson, AZ, it can be a fun and exciting time. By sorting through your belongings, preparing for your new environment, protecting your valuables, purchasing moving insurance, and arranging a workable moving schedule, you should be able to avoid moving mistakes and instead look forward to your new adventure with a minimum of stress.

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