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How to Pack Large Pictures When Moving

Pack All your Special Memories

Moving can be a stressful process for any home or apartment owner. Getting everything in order, packaged perfectly, and out the door can be challenging. Take out the bubble wrap and tape to learn how you can successfully pack your large picture frames.

How to Safely Pack Large Pictures

You can start by wrapping the picture. Place it in small to medium boxes, with scrunched up paper in between each frame. Make sure to lay out the paper so the ends overlap; this will create a paper area that is twice the size of your frame. Lastly, wrap the packing tape around the frame; this will assure that the paper stays in its place.

Are you Using a Specialty Box?

If the answer to that question is yes, you need to tape one end of the box closed.
If you’re not using a specialty box, place the frame on top of the box and secure it using packing tape.

Fragile Is The Key Word

It’s always good that you mark the outside of the box with the word “Fragile” and write the location of where it will go (main room, living room, office space). Make sure you pack the frames on their edges, that way they don’t break on their way to your new place.

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