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Be Prepared: What Costs to Expect When Moving

We all know that buying or renting a home is expensive, but what about the actual move? If you’re packing up and heading out, it’s time to consider what kind of budget you should set for yourself when moving all of your things.

To start, think about the time of year when you’ve decided to move. Not many people want to move in the dead of winter or the middle of a school year, so they wait until summer; this is when prices skyrocket due to simple supply and demand. If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider moving your date a little earlier or later.

Secondly, how much do you have to move? Generally speaking, the more you have to move, the more expensive it is going to be. Try your best to cut down on things that you don’t need in order to save money and room in the truck. You can do this by going room by room and donating what you don’t see yourself using in your new place.

Lastly, consider how far you’re moving. As with moving your things—the more miles, the more money. For longer moves, keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for possible hotel rooms, meals on the go, gas, and plane tickets.

As far as logistics go, these are the top things you should pay attention to when planning a budget for your move:
· Hiring a professional and trusted moving service
· Moving insurance—which some professional moving companies provide
· Packing supplies like boxes, tape, labels, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc.
· Storage unit rental for items that you cannot keep in your home due to space restrictions
· Gratuities for the hired professional movers—and possible treats for the friends and family who helped you

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