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Simple Tips for Easier Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving is almost always a little bit stressful and for good reason. You are transporting your entire life from one place to another. How much will it cost? How long will it take? Who can help me? How do I prevent damage from happening? There are a million questions you can ask yourself and get worked up into a frenzy if you can’t answer them all before the date of the big move. This is only amplified if you need to make a long distance move.

We typically define a long distance move as one where you are transporting your belongings at least one hundred miles. This is going to require some great planning on your part, and quality moving practices on the part of the professional you hire. Focus on these things now when you are relaxed and have the time so you won’t have to later.

Pick Your First Available Delivery Date Wisely

On a long distance move, the first available delivery date is the very first day you can possibly receive your items at your new destination. Sometimes this date really is the day the items arrive, but that is not always the case, so you should really view this date as a way to make sure the items don’t arrive too soon for you. For instance, if your new home will not be ready for another week or so, just choose the first available delivery date to begin on the day after your housework is expected to be finished.

Extras like Dedicated Trucks and Expedited Delivery Dates Are Worth the Money

Ask about the logistics of the move. Will the truck be dedicated to your move or will it make stops, pickups, and deliveries for other customers along the way? On a long distance move, you can save yourself time, heartache, and trouble if you just opt to pay more for a dedicated moving truck. The dedicated truck will only ship your items to your destination, greatly reducing or even eliminating risks of mix-ups, delays, and even lost items. A non-dedicated moving truck will have other people’s belongings packed in to make the trip more economically worthwhile for the mover. Don’t be cheap here, pay for the dedicated truck! Another thing to get is expedited delivery.

It may also be worth the extra money to make sure that you get a firm date on when your belongings will arrive. Paying extra for expedited delivery also means that the same crew who loaded your stuff will be the same one unloading it. Without expedited delivery, it is not uncommon to wait up to a month to receive all of your things.

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