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4 Places to Find Free Moving Boxes in Tucson

One of the most stressful parts of moving is finding the proper materials to pack your valuables in. Moving can be expensive, that’s why you shouldn’t waste money buying boxes when you can find them for free. Luckily, we have four great tips for finding free boxes in the Tucson area. Whether you are moving to or from Tucson, we have you covered with some great tips that will save you a lot of money.

Local Grocery or Supply Stores

More than likely, you will be making a trip to Safeway, Walmart, Target, or any other food/supply store, before you move. The back of food stores are always filled with extra boxes due to the influx of products that they receive daily. These boxes will most likely be thrown away or recycled by the end of the day. Give the store a call or ask an employee when you go there about taking some boxes home for your move.

Liquor Stores

The boxes liquor comes in are more durable than regular cardboard boxes. Most liquor boxes come with handles and a cover due to how fragile glass bottles can be. They are ideal for storing your fragile or valuable items in. These boxes are also easier to move around since they have handles on them.


When you are busy packing all day long, you most likely will not have the time or items to cook a homemade meal. You’ll probably stop off at a fast food or sit down restaurant to take a break from packing. While you are there, you can ask if they have any spare boxes. Restaurants, like grocery stores, receive several boxes daily.

The good thing about these boxes is that they will not smell like the food that came in them. Most foods come frozen which eliminates the chance of your valuables or clothes smelling like the food that was previously in the boxes.

Neighborhood Recycling Center

Tucson is home to 12 neighborhood recycling centers located throughout the city. This can be a great place to find boxes and packing materials you need for your move. Though many of the boxes may no longer be tapped together, you can still do this yourself when you get home. Also, you can pick up old newspapers to wrap your valuables in once you have your boxes put together.

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