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What You Need To Know To Choose the Right Moving Service

Hiring the moving company Tucson is a guarantee for a carefree move. However, when a beginner searches for the movers, he may find the ones who do not show up, items that break, and higher costs than agreed. In that case, the followings are the ones you need to be attentive at:

What should you pay attention to?

You can say a lot about a move, but these things are certain: a move costs money and time. Hiring a moving company can save you a lot of time. If you have a well-filled wallet, you can even choose to let the moving company pack everything in and out. You don’t even have to do anything anymore; even your clothes will be hung in your closet in the same way. Depending on the amount of time the movers need and the travel distance from your old to your new home, a Moving Tucson company will prepare a quote.

The move begins with the preparation that must take place a few weeks before the scheduled date. There is no doubt that the request for a quote is the first thing to do. Booking it at least two months in advance is a guarantee of choice between a wider availability of dates; especially in the summer months, it is essential to plan it well in advance, so as not to have to adapt or pay more. The moving company often provides the packaging material (cartons, bubble wrap, scotch tape), but it is vital to have it specified in the quote. You can search by movers near me and find the best results of professional movers.

A moving truck with an incorrect load capacity

Are you able to know precisely the volume of the goods to be moved? Knowing this exact volume will allow you to choose the right vehicle for your move. Also, driving a truck may require special skills and sometimes a specific driving license. To avoid inconvenience and prevent possible accidents, it is advisable to hire professional driver movers in Tucson, Arizona, who can safely and effectively transport your goods.

An inappropriate load

Loading the truck improperly can lead to a fine and, in some cases, a temporary driving ban. There are specific rules to follow when loading a transport vehicle (weight restrictions, etc.). The moving company’s staff knows these legal rules and has the necessary experience to ensure the safe transport of your goods and furniture.

Poor furniture reassembly

Disassembling furniture takes time, and proper reassembly can take even longer. To ensure that your furniture is assembled in the best possible way, we recommend that you use moving companies in Tucson, Arizona, for this process as well.

Cheap furniture storage

90% of low-cost furniture storage options are usually out of stock. As a result, it cannot be easy to find a deposit that doesn’t cost a fortune and is free on the move day. By using our services, you don’t have to worry about storage space.

Last cleaning of the house

Management companies and owners can be very demanding when it comes to cleaning the house after it moves. After your move to Tucson, your old property will need to be cleaned. To make sure everything is fine with your manager or owner, you can request a cleaning service from us. Our cleaning team from the helping movers knows the cleaning requirements and will implement them on your property.

What about the Cost?

The costs depend, among other things, on the distance between your old and new home. The accessibility of both houses also plays a role. An experienced mover is a lot faster than you. The rates can vary a lot. For example, moving on Saturday is more expensive. Therefore request a quote from a few movers. You can then compare well.

Other costs when moving

In addition to relocation costs, you may be faced with other costs:

  • The costs for the lease: You almost always pay a deposit. Essential money is not permitted by law.
  • Costs for taking over a floor or cabinets, for example.
  • Costs for connection to gas and electricity: Connection to the water mains is free.
  • Connection costs for telephone and internet.
  • Costs for refurbishing and furnishing the house: You can rent a lot of DIY equipment, saving money.
  • Costs for the garden: Think of furnishings, furniture, a fence or hedge, grass and plants, and lighting.

Some basic rules to avoid unpleasant surprises when choosing your company:

Clearly and calmly define the type of “package” that best suits your wishes and, in particular, your budget: the cheapest, which provides you with the utility, the motors, and the cartons but leaves you the care of packing your belongings or disassemble furniture, the comfort formula that includes packing the smallest spoon until unpacking and assembling in the new case. Then compare the prices according to the chosen procedure.

Keep in mind that indecently attractive prices often hide poor performance or even nasty surprises. The ideal is always the right means: neither too much nor too little.

Multiply the free quotes at least 3: Accompanied by a technical visit of your home and on which the following complete contact information and those of the company must necessarily appear (name, address, telephone contact), the date and places of the move, the volume to be moved, as well as the price and general conditions of sale. 

Warning: beware of some “ephemeral” companies that own several companies with different names. Some are even experts in document forgery. Choosing local movers in Tucson can save you from these kinds of troubles.

Trust word of mouth – You’re less likely to run into problems with a company than many people have recommended.

How to avoid disaster

  • Don’t be fooled.
  • Watch out for these warning lights when looking for a moving company.

Does the moving company have what it takes?

  • The first thing you should do is a short and simple search.
  • Google is your friend: enter the name of the moving company in the search engine.

Do you have any reviews? And if so, are they positive or negative?

  • Check if it is registered as a legitimate business using the VAT number.
  • Check on the portal of the Ministry of Transport if they are authorized to operate.
  • Ask the company for an insurance certificate.
  • Check the full contact information and make sure the images on the website are not just stock photos.

You get a moving quote too fast.

  • They give you a quote quickly, almost too fast.
  • You need to plan your move well in advance as much as possible.
  • Remember, moving is stressful. It is a point. But having to speed up the process because there isn’t enough time will make a move even more stressful for you and the kids.
  • Unless you only have four or five small cabinets, always ask for a written quote with the most accurate inventory possible.
  • When you can, send photos to the mover, or a video or provide your inventory via a video inspection. 

Is there a lack of communication?

If you are having trouble communicating with your long-distance moving companies, then better reconsider your choice. Suppose they do not communicate with you properly before the move. In that case, you can be sure that they will not communicate correctly during the activity, or they may completely cut off communication and not show up at all on the day of the move.

This happens mostly when you are dealing with some “improvised movers,” who may not answer your phone because at that moment, they are doing other jobs that have nothing to do with moving.

Always get a written quote

The Tucson moving services take an inventory of your personal belongings and furniture, whether it’s done over the phone, via video chat, or in person. But in the estimate, it must be clearly indicated.

You have no idea how many people call the police every day because some crafty guy gave him the “special” price without leaving a shred of the written estimate and then dumped things under his house because he asked for more money before finishing the job.

Check these things

  • Does the company charge a surcharge for a move during the weekend?
  • Are all items insured, and for how much? Do they pay out the current value or the new value?

Unauthorized move companies sometimes charge a deductible, so not all damage is compensated.

Last but Not the Least: Be careful if the only form of payment is cash

It is customary for move companies to request a deposit of about one-third of the total upon confirmation of the work. The advice is to pay this deposit with traceable means: credit card, bank transfer, check. If a moving company asks you to pay in full before you even move anything, this is the biggest red flag of all, and if they only ask for cash without issuing an invoice, they are probably an illegitimate moving company. The estimate of the size of your household effects is essential for the costs. This reduces the chance of a wrong assessment. When in doubt, ask if the moving company will pay a visit beforehand. Choose the 10 best moving companies and then filter out the best one.


Pay attention not only to the price but also to the conditions. Pay particular attention to the insured amount under damage and the deductible. Do they work with an all-in price or with an hourly rate and subsequent calculation? With a fixed (all-in) price, the risk of an incorrect estimate is for the moving company. With a quotation based on the details above, you pay any additional costs.

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