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Moving services in Tucson for Pandemic: The Perfect Option for you

With the Coronavirus pandemic, the context of uncertainty leaves room for a multitude of questions, particularly with regard to the move. Is it possible to move? If yes, how? During the present pandemic moving is no fun. You have probably experienced it several times in your life. You have to go up and down the stairs several times with heavy items. For companies, schools, government and healthcare institutions, a move is even more extensive and complicated. 

Moreover, it happens more than once that some of the objects to be moved must be temporarily stored in a warehouse. If the move is beyond your hat, it is best to call on Tucson Moving Services. During the pandemic moves are still possible if they cannot be postponed, for example if you had already given your notice and your lease is coming to an end,” indicates the Ministry of the Interior on the government website. But be sure to respect the barrier gestures and find out if there are any specific local restrictions.

Best movers: a partnership of moving services

The best moving companies in Tucson together form the best movers. The Tucson Local Movers partners are all experienced and specialized moving companies. They have the necessary equipment to carry out small and large removals quickly and efficiently. You will find the partners of best movers all over the Tucson. More than 500 employees do their utmost every day to manage the relocations of private individuals, schools, companies and institutions.

Moving to a new home

Best movers will be happy to help you move your household effects to your new home, offering you the best Moving Help. We arrive on-site with a large moving van that often transports all your belongings to your new home in one go. 

The relocation of companies and institutions

The Full-service moving company also works for business clients such as companies, schools and healthcare institutions. For such large removals, a lot has to be planned in advance. Top Moving and Packing services are specialized in these types of large removals. We have the necessary equipment and certified personnel in-house for this. If desired, we can arrange a temporary storage location for the material to be moved. Storage in a special conditioned space is also no problem for us. Is your company or institution moving abroad? You can also contact the best movers for international relocations. All relocations are well planned in advance and then carried out as agreed.

Can I use professional movers?

Be careful, it is not because you can move that you will be able to call on the services of professional movers. Indeed, the government specifies, again, that “the possibility of using a professional mover is only maintained for very exceptional”. That is to say in situations “relating to health, social or peril emergencies, essential relocations of companies and relocations which could be made necessary within the framework of the organization of care in the face of the epidemic.” This concerns battered women, children in distress, unsanitary housing or for health situations linked to the Coronavirus.

Consult the condominium regulations

Before moving, it is a good idea to warn your neighbors about the nuisance caused. However, it would help if you also remembered to consult the condominium regulations. Indeed, each trustee has particular rules concerning removals.

This is valid for that of the accommodation you are leaving as well as for that of the accommodation you are entering. Be aware that it happens, for example, that the use of the elevator or the passage by the stairs is prohibited.

Apply for the assistance to which you are entitled

Thanks to certain aids, you can reduce the cost of your move. The Solidarity Fund for Housing, for example, can help you finance until you settle in. Whatever your situation, find out about your rights so as not to miss out on state aid. From the Moving company in Tucson, you can have the best choice now.

Call in the professionals

Hiring professional movers can take some extra stress off you. You can choose precisely the services you want. You can also opt for an hourly formula according to your needs.

Finally, there is an expensive but comprehensive service where you don’t have to worry about a thing. The movers will take care of everything for you, from packing your belongings to storing them in the new accommodation.

Before your move and as part of a sale operation, it is also interesting to have recourse to real estate professionals. Whether it is a notary, a real estate agency or any other professional, you will receive optimal support during your sale, enough to ensure a change of accommodation in peace.

Make your change of address with all the organizations concerned.

How to move during confinement? By hiring professional movers, answer the authorities. You must communicate your new address to all organizations that still have your current address. Anticipating this moment is essential, but there is no need to do it too long beforehand. Indeed, your mail could be lost.

The State offers you a centralized system to do the necessary with taxes, Social Security and your energy supplier, among other official bodies. Consider using this device to simplify your task.

Sort it out

No need to take things you no longer want with you. Also, reselling them before leaving is an excellent way to make some profit. Consider putting them up for sale on different sites and apps.

It will also prevent you from packing things that you want to get rid of quickly as well as cluttering your new accommodation.

Assess the volume of your possessions

A professional can assess the volume that your furniture and belongings will take up when they come to your home. He will thus establish an estimate. However, it is not uncommon that, in the end, it takes a larger truck or several round trips to move everything.

So sometimes you should estimate the volume yourself, allowing for a margin. To roughly know the volume of your business, divide the number of square meters of your home by two.

Take out adequate insurance

The situation is changing rapidly. We have therefore put together a number of useful information disseminated by the federal and provincial governments to help you during this time. The information will be updated to allow you to follow the evolution of the situation. 

So, first, know that your home insurance can cover both the home you are leaving and the one that you enter during the move. So check your contract before paying for two separate insurances!

Also, you can notify the insurers (mutual, automobile) of the move. This way, they can cover the belongings and the people who will help the in the event of an accident during the move.

Careful packing and labeling your belongings

During this period of confinement, it happens to be faced with situations that are not always easy to manage. Many questions arise, in particular on the possibility of moving or not, and if so, how? By taking into account the changes in the face of the management of the current health crisis, our team provides you with some answers that should help you in your efforts. The professional service is important now.

The professional services equip themselves, buy the appropriate equipment and carefully pack the boxes. Simple negligence can lead to a lot of breakages. Besides, prefer small boxes for heavy objects. Avoid taking several sizes of boxes. You might have a hard time stacking them.

Another tip, detail the content of each box directly on the box. You can also establish a color code and explain it to the movers. Finally, note the room in which each box will be unpacked.

Do a final check

If you have called in a professional, unpack your boxes immediately. Check the condition of your furniture. These checks must be made when leaving the old accommodation and arriving in your new home. If you notice any problem, you have ten days to appeal against the professionals who ensured your removal.

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