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What Are the Pros of Opting for a Professional Moving company in Tucson During Corona

Sooner or later, no matter how hard we try, the time will come when we will have to face the dreaded moves. A proper Moving Help happens to be essential there. It may be that we have bought a house and we have to leave the previous one or because of a problem with the landlord we have no choice but to leave the property in record time, that we make a complete move of our office due to space issues, etc. Some of our moving partners have put their activity on hold during this period of confinement due to coronavirus pandemic, but others are organizing themselves to provide an essential service for many families who are moving.

Some of our professional movers remain open by adapting their operating methods and the equipment of their teams of movers to these new constraints.

Outfits, masks, gloves, gels, temperature measurement in the morning before the departure of each team, are some examples of the professionalism of our partners.

In all these cases, the first question that will come to mind will be, Do we do it or do we hire a moving company to be the one in charge of everything? What is best for us? Next, we will analyze the pros of each case.

Pros of moving yourself

Savings: Logically, the main advantage of making a move on our own is that we save money since we will not have to pay anyone. 

Now, we could put this in quotes, because this is not always the case. If we do not have a van or a large vehicle to make a move, we will have to rent it, with the cost that this entails. If we do not handle disassembling, assembling and packing furniture and accessories well, we will lose a lot of time and perhaps cause some kind of damage.

On the other hand, if something breaks on the way, we won’t be able to do anything. Some moving companies have insurance with some coverage. If the accident occurs, we will be compensated. Therefore opting for the Tucson Moving Services is the best deal.

Day selection

If we are the ones who make a move, we can choose the day we want, at the time we want. For example, we can take advantage of that weekend that we have free or that holiday that is great for us. Although some companies indeed work on holidays, the vast majority do not, in addition to the fact that they will charge us much more to work on those days.

The problem with moving in on a weekday is that we will need to be asking for work permits and related stories.

If we have to do a more complicated job, such as an office move, we will appreciate the professional moving and Packing services and continuous advice that a company can provide us. Right? Whether you have to move during confinement or postpone it, we advise you in any case, not to wait too long to request a quote from our moving partners.

Indeed, the moving season which generally begins in mid May will be very complicated this year 2020 with the postponement of all the removals scheduled during the confinement period and which will finally be carried out after de-confinement.

We do not yet know the organization of this de-confinement which will be progressive and above all linked to the territory. Some moves will probably risk remaining complex if certain areas (your place of departure or arrival) remain confined.

Pros of hiring a moving company

Although it is true that it will cost us more and that we will not always be able to choose the desired day, generally hiring a moving company is the best idea.

Think that in the team we can find a group of professionals, with a tremendous consolidated experience in the sector. In this way, they will always give the best of themselves, from simple private moves to complicated company moves.

Also, they can help us to disassemble and assemble the furniture, to pack it, and some even have a furniture storage service for a small fee.

You do what you want, but hiring a moving company is always the most appropriate option.

Summer is usually the time to vacation. Therefore, it is the time of year when people have more free time, and companies can take the time to organize office moves without affecting the correct performance of employees and service, to the client. Since this may be the right time to change your work environment, we will explain everything you need to know to carry out the process successfully.

Advantages of moving offices in summer

Thanks to the extra free time that is available, it is possible to make a move with the correct planning, a crucial element to guarantee the success of the entire process. With less influx of people in the facilities, it is possible to carry out the inventory of furniture and equipment.

Also, choose what is going to move and whatnot, and do the correct packing of all things, take out the insurance and organize with the moving company what is the best day and time to change your address.

Moving with Tucson Local Movers is a bit stressful, but when done in plenty of time, it shouldn’t be a cause for anxiety or concern. Also, moving your office in the summer will not affect the day-to-day life of employees and the usual tasks of your company that can cost you money. 

Having more time and fewer distractions will help you organize every last detail with your moving company.

In large cities like Madrid, summer is a season with little vehicular traffic. Therefore, it will be easier to comply with the scheduled schedules and avoid setbacks during the journey. Also, at this time of year, the days are longer, allowing making the most of the day.

Tips for moving offices in the summer

    • The first thing to do is contact the moving company as soon as possible, as summer is a time of high demand. If you want to move on the day of your choice, promptly request a quote from the company. Also, if your goods are not insured, take care of managing the corresponding insurance with the company to have everything up to date at the time of the move. In addition to the above, do not forget:
    • Process the permits with the condominium or administrator of the new office address and know the days and times allowed for the move.
    • Study with the Full service moving company the access routes to the floor to avoid setbacks when moving furniture and equipment.



Make an inventory of all the furniture and objects to be moved, and study in advance where it will be located in the new office so that the whole process will move faster and damage due to constant movement of the boxes or furniture will be avoided.

Make the proper packaging or leave it in the hands of the Moving company in Tucson that will be in charge of providing the storage and protection corresponding to each type of object to be moved at the time of the pandemic. At this point, it is essential to label and list all the boxes and identifies those things that you will need to use immediately after the move.

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