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Long-distance moving for seniors: What You Need to Do

Moving seniors is a period of life that must be anticipated and carefully prepared. Know that there are aids to which you can claim to help you move more simply and without stress. The removal of a person aged is a crucial step in his life, mostly as it has often lived in his home for many years and keeps all her memories. While moving company Tucson makes the senior member’s moving process more comfortable, you need to console the person and help them settle well in the new place of residing. 

Shifting, But Not In Stress

Moving is a stressful situation for a person of any age. In young people, the neuroplasticity of the brain (the ability to create new neural connections and behavior patterns) makes it possible to adapt to changed living conditions quickly. For an older person, the change of the familiar to the new, the absence of friends and acquaintances nearby can have a serious negative impact on mental and physical health.

Start preparing for the move ahead of time.

Talk to your family member about what worries or fears him. Present counter-arguments calmly and kindly. Often, the refusal of older people to move is associated with the fear of becoming a burden to their loved ones.

Help socialize in a new place of residence.

  • Introduce a relative to neighbors, preferably his peers. Find out if there are any seniors’ clubs or hobby groups near your home and invite your family to join them.
  • Take a tour of the area, show the location of shops, clinics, walking areas, banks, post office, and other necessary institutions. After the move, the first time, do joint hikes and walks until your elderly relative memorizes the routes.
  • Find an activity for your loved one that emphasizes their role in a new place – this can be part of household chores or help raise children. Forget criticism and often celebrate the value of what was done to you.
  • Be patient, and don’t leave your elderly relative alone for long. Don’t jump at him if he complains. The speed of his adaptation depends on your attention and support.
  • If your relative is about to move to a nursing home or nursing home, pay more attention to the preparatory stage.

Disengagement from the usual social circle exacerbates the problem of social isolation.

To move or not to move is a decision that you and your elderly relative need to make together. If your loved one flatly refuses to move, do not pressure him. Consider alternatives to provide your loved one with the care they need, such as self-care in the older man’s home, or hiring a qualified professional of movers Tucson who can help with the house, provide care, and act a companion. 

Besides logistics management, the first question that may come to your mind is, how much the moves cost me? Among the many criteria determining the price of a move for the elderly, the distance, the nature and the volume of the goods transported, and the offer of the movers are among the main items of expenditure. You can search by movers near me, and indeed the best options will be available.

The nature and volume of the goods

The critical element of a move is its volume, which will correspond in particular to the space occupied by the furniture and boxes in the vehicle. This will determine the type of truck to rent (from 9m3 to 42m3) and, therefore, the price. 

The distance between the two places of life

The distance between the two dwellings is another criterion for evaluating the price. In fact, the greater the distance, the more the price will be. From the movers in Tucson, Arizona, you will get all the information about the same.

The offer of movers

Moving companies generally offer several levels of service. In the best of cases (“turnkey” formula), the company will take care of everything, from packing your goods into boxes, loading them, including unpacking the boxes and reassembling your furniture. . If you opt for a more economical offer, you will not have access to all the services.

The moving companies in Tucson, Arizona, have specialized in this sector, offering seniors support before, during, and after their mobility, during each stage of their project. The idea is to provide a comprehensive service to the elderly and reduce the stress of this life stage, which is sometimes difficult to experience.

Possible financial aid for seniors

  • Individual financial assistance may be granted to retirees during a move, in particular through the pension fund.
  • This can indeed help you finance your move or assist you in the associated administrative procedures. It is sometimes even possible to benefit from assistance in finding your future home or specialized establishment.
  • These aids are allocated according to your level of resources, family situation, or degree of fragility.
  • A transition at any point in life can be stressful, mostly when a long period has been spent in one place. There are experts in all categories of moving, including the best senior moving services. Here’s why.

The helping movers offer personalized senior moving services such as packing service, downsizing checklists, moving services, and permanent or temporary storage solutions.

So if you or your loved one has decided to downsize or move to a senior living center / senior housing, our expert staff will make a move easier. They will custom build the right moving action plan for you or your manager.

Proper Organizing

Organizing your move well means assessing your needs. To determine your volume and determine your possible moving options, it is essential to have several decisive information in mind.

Your departure and arrival address first of all and the access to your old and new accommodation, the volume that will have to be transported, and the number of boxes.

To help you know these details, The local movers Tucson offers you a technical visit, whether at home or remotely. It will allow our technicians to define these essential elements directly with you. We can then offer you several moving quotes in line with your needs: you want an inexpensive move while benefiting from the vital services of our professional movers, and follow-up before, during, and after the big day? The moving economic formula is made for you! 

On the contrary, for lack of time or energy, you prefer that the movers take care of everything, packing the boxes and dismantling the furniture included? You can turn to the luxury formula offered by the long-distance moving companies!

Do not also forget to prepare the administrative procedures relating to your move. Be sure to respect the time limits imposed for declaring your change of address to your bank, Mutual Insurance Company, energy supplier, pension fund. 

Remember to find an attending physician near your new home, and have him send your medical file.

Prepare well for moving day.

Whether or not you pack the boxes yourself, remember to label them to make it easier for you and the movers to organize.

The Tucson moving services recommend labeling by color, corresponding to the different rooms in the house, or the content of the boxes (blue for book boxes, red for fragile boxes, etc.). 

Take advantage of visits to your new home to anticipate the location of your furniture in the rooms. It is also an opportunity to determine the items to buy if necessary, or on the contrary, the sorting to be carried out in case of lack of space.

  • Do not hesitate to sort out the cases that will or will not leave with you.
  • Even if it is not always easy to part with certain goods, this will reduce the volume, and therefore the cost of the move and to DE clutter your new home and settle there as quickly and calmly as possible. 
  • Flea markets, associations, sales sites, donations to loved ones. You are spoiled for choice to get rid of the superfluous! Please find here our solutions to clear your house before moving. 

During the move

On D-Day, the movers are there to support you and answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to guide them! It’s up to you to let them know if any items require special attention. Whatever the choice of moving formula, the movers will pack and protect each of your furniture in a way suitable for transport.

When you arrive at your new home, you can tell them where everything is, so you don’t have to move anything on your own once the move is complete.

Last Words: Discounts are Available

When arranging the move with the professional dispatchers, it is enough to announce that you are a senior person and interested in a discount. You can also state a note about the senior discount in the online form if you request a move this way. The subsequently created price offer will already include a 5% discount on moving services. If it is a large-scale move, they can also offer you our technician’s services, who will immediately create a price offer, including a discount, after an on-site inspection of the move.

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