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Tips for Moving Items Into Storage

storage-movingYou’ve moved into your new home only to realize the startling truth: you have too much stuff.

Before you make the trip to the storage unit, make sure you’ve packed them properly. Use these tips to protect your hidden treasures.

1. Prepare Your Packing Materials

You’ll be hard pressed to pack things properly without getting the proper materials first. You’ll need packing paper, moving blankets, moving pads, and any tools required to dismantle large appliances and furniture if necessary. Most importantly, you’ll need strong cardboard boxes and plenty of them. Ideally, you’ll want different sizes to accommodate a variety of items.

If you’re planning on storing a mattress, you can either buy a mattress bag or find old mattress covers.

Special dish pack boxes for dishes, glasses, and other breakable items for greater protection. Wrap each individual glass and dish in bubble wrap or special packing paper.

2. Use Stackable Boxes

Use boxes that are easily stackable to make the best use of what space is available. You’re paying the rental fees, so you may as well get the most use out of every possible square inch.

Label boxes with the contents and place each so that the label is easily within view of the storage unit door.

Fill each box to the limit to keep them from collapsing. Place heavier and denser boxes at the bottom of stacks.

storage-moving3. Disassemble Bulky Items if Possible

Big furniture and electronics are easier to move if disassembled first. Bed frames can be broken down to take up less valuable space. Some tables feature removable legs, which can free up a lot of room. Remove the legs and wrap them up for added protection.

Computer desks can be dismantled if you’re tight on space. The smaller pieces can easily fit in between larger items, or even stored in drawers and cabinets.

4. Cover Large Items

Place mattresses in special mattress bags to keep dust from setting into the fabric. This applies to chairs, sofas, and couches as well: use furniture coverings to protect the upholstery. You’ll also want to store couches on the side to save on space used.

If you’re planning on storing refrigerators and freezers, it is extremely important that they be clean and dry. Make sure to leave the doors ajar to prevent mold from cultivating. Cover with towels or old blankets to protect the finish.

Large mirrors can be placed into cardboard boxes or crates. Smaller mirrors can be simply wrapped in cloth and placed in a small cardboard box with little worry.

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Now that you’ve packed, you’re ready to call the moving truck for pick up!

By applying our tips, you should feel confident that your possessions will be well protected while in storage. However, if you still need help or want to save your time and energy you can count on My Tucson Movers.

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