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How to Prepare Your Family for a Summer Move

How to Prepare Your Family for a Summer Move

Summer is approaching surprisingly fast. It’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks, schools will be setting students loose for the next several months. All across the country, households are getting ready to move during the year’s busiest moving season-summer.

It’s not surprising that summer is the most popular moving season of the year: schools are out, and students don’t have to change schools in the middle of the academic year. If you’re planning a move this summer, here are a few important things to remember when getting your family ready.

Preparation Is the Key to Success

Preparation is key to moving success, so you’ll want to start preparing as soon as possible; the sooner, the better. Organize what you’ll take with you and make sure utilities are set up in your new home before loading up the truck.

If at all possible, try to avoid moving on weekends. Aim for the middle of the week, ideally the morning hours.

Have Refreshments Ready

When things heat up, it’s important to stay hydrated. Heat stroke isn’t fun and can seriously ruin your move. Make sure everyone is ok and taking appropriate breaks. Stay cool, stay hydrated.

Don’t Forget the Kids

If you’re moving during the summer, it’s likely that your kids will be out of school for the summer holidays, so enlist their help. If they’re old enough to lend a hand, assign a task that they can take ownership of, such as packing their belongings.

If your kids aren’t able to lend a hand, consider having a friend or family member watch them or having activities planned out. This will allow you to give your full attention to the move.

Expect the Unexpected

The old saying is true; things won’t always go according to your best-laid plans, so leave some wiggle room to accommodate anything that might spring up. Try to keep a cool head and go with the flow.

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