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How to: Pack Your Garage

How to: Pack Your Garage

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming. Packing and trying to stay organized can be stressful. One of the most time consuming rooms to pack is the garage.

Garages tend to become the extra storage in homes. Packing all your tools and toys that you have accumulated can be discouraging. Here are some tips that will help make packing your garage easy and stress-free.

Make Time

Because garages can have so much stuff in them, you need to make time to be able to pack everything in an organized way. As soon as you know you are moving, schedule time in your life to pack everything up.

Do not leave it all to the last minute or to do in one day. If you do a little each day, packing the garage will get done in no time.


Next you should acquire the supplies you will need to pack up your garage. You will need:
Cardboard boxes
Bubble wrap
Moving blankets
Packing paper
Zip ties

Sort Items

The next thing you should do is sort through all your items in your garage. Go through tools, toys, appliances, or anything else in your garage. Throw away anything that is broken or not fixable.

If you have anything that is usable but not usable to you, put together a garage sale to sell these items. You will be able to pocket some money and use it towards your move.

Pack Small Tools

After you have sorted through what you want to keep from your garage, you should then pack up your smaller tools. Keep them safe in a toolbox that is easily accessible. You might need a screwdriver or hammer during your move.

Pack Larger Tools

Wrap sharp-edge tools like machetes, gardening shears, or other gardening tools in a moving blanket. This is a safe way to transport sharp tools that can be dangerous to have exposed.

Power tools like drills or nail guns need to be wrapped as well. Detach the battery if there is one. If not, wrap the cord around the tool. Once that is done, wrap the tool in bubble wrap and place it in a box.

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