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Things to Do Before Your Professional Packers Show Up

It’s time for the big move! You’ve worked hard for this, and you’ve decided to hire a professional packing service to make your move easier. You may be wondering what to do now, or if you need to do anything at all.

While you’ve already made an excellent choice, you can make your move go a lot faster and smoother. Here’s a selection of things to do before the packers pull up to your house.

Purge and Declutter

It might seem obvious, but the less you have, the less you have to pay someone to move. Why waste money paying someone to move something you don’t care about? It doesn’t make sense bringing something along if you’re never going to use it again. Make your move a fresh start, a chance to rid yourself of years of collected clutter.

Don’t waste money moving something you’re not going to use. Sell, donate, or throw away things that you just won’t use.

Recognize and Eliminate the Untouchables

There are some things that professional movers, even those with packing services, won’t touch. For numerous safety reasons and laws, movers won’t move plants, perishables, and hazardous items.

You can make your move easier by taking care of unmovable items before the packing crew shows up. If you’re still intent on bringing them to your new home, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands. Sorry, you’ll have to move your prize-winning begonias yourself.

Inventory Everything

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the stuff that you’re not taking with you (or identified them, at least), you can start creating an itemized list of things that will come along for the ride. Your list will help keep track of where everything is. Not only will you be less likely to lose things, but you’ll also know which box contains what.

Make sure to indicate whether the movers will take the item, or if it will travel with you.

Set a “Don’t Pack” Zone

You’ll probably want to pack some things yourself, such as medicines, valuables, and important documents. If that’s the case, make your intentions clear so that the packers don’t accidentally pack something that you want to take with you.

If you can, set aside one room where you’ll collect all the things that will come to your new home. Create a small sign (as simple as writing Don’t Pack on a piece of paper) and group everything together to show that they are off limits. This will clearly state that the items are off limits.

You don’t want to have to bring the process to a screeching halt because you didn’t want them to pack your favorite pop vinyl.

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