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Downsizing: Tips on How to Move from a House to an Apartment

Apartment moving

Moving is one of the most stressful life events and can make even the most sane person a little crazy. If you’re moving from a large or spacious home to a smaller abode, an overwhelming feeling of panic can set in. Let My Tucson Movers help you stress-less with a few tips for an easy transition.

Assess your situation

Try to keep a positive outlook. If you are moving into a smaller place because of extenuating circumstances, think about the benefits of keeping a smaller home. Perhaps you no longer need to pay for lawn maintenance or you won’t feel the pressure to clean more furniture. If you’re moving from a suburb to a city, not using a car or using less gas can save you money. Whatever your situation may be, focus on the benefits of your new living situation. Evaluate which items are important to you and start taking note of things you need to bring. Do you have duplicates of dishes or other items you no longer use? Make a mental plan of what furniture will work in your new home, so you don’t over-pack.


The most important task before you start packing is to purge. Go through all of your belongings and make piles of valuables you absolutely need to take, followed by piles of things you haven’t used, worn, or thought about in the past year. If it’s something that you haven’t used then it’s likely you won’t need it for your next move. If you are someone who dislikes going through your stuff and purging, consider hiring a professional organizer. They can help you get organized and motivate you to eliminate unnecessary items.

Sell Your Stuff

Once you have gone through your personal items and assessed what needs to go and what you’re taking with you, sell some of your items in a yard sale or on local sites such as Craigslist or Offerup. If you don’t have much to sell or feel you may not get much for your items, consider donating to a local charity. Most charities will pick up your items at your convenience. Just make sure to give them plenty of notice.


Take inventory of the storage available in your new home. Do you have plenty of closet space? Think about storing up rather than out. Putting up shelving can alleviate boxes and clutter on the floor and sometimes an apartment complex will have accessible lockers for extra storage. If you have de-cluttered all you can and your new place has less than desirable space to store your stuff, consider a small storage unit to keep items that you don’t want to get rid of but may not use often. There are plenty of sizes available and many pricing options to suit your needs.

Call in the Pros!

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