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Choosing the Perfect Moving Company

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    “Quality Vs. Quantity” is a great guiding principle to keep in mind while searching for a moving company that is licensed, insured, and accredited. It could be a time-consuming process; however, knowing what to look for and what to worry about would certainly save your valuable time and ensure you pick the best professional movers that are dedicated to creating the outstanding experience that you wish for.

    According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB)’s investigation in 2018,dozens of complaints against moving companies have been reported. It is already a stressful process when you deal with companies with little integrity, fail to deliver on time, and update its clients about every step in the process. Hiring quality movers not only is a must, but it is also a smart decision to consider and a great way to simplify the entire moving process. There are a variety of important steps that you have to take into account when you decide to hire the right team for your move and ensure a smooth and positive experience. Here are 11 tips to keep in mind for hiring quality movers:

    Reach Out to Friends and Family for Recommendations

    It is most likely you will use google to shop around for the most requested or popular moving companies. However, it might not be the most reliable place to start your search as some highly rated companies can turn out to be the worst ones that could hit you with a bunch of hidden fees that aren’t listed anywhere on the company’s website. So, it is very important to get recommendations from people you trust such as friends and family who have used a moving company, learn about their experiences, and who they would recommend. Sometimes, some new companies don’t yet have a strong web presence; however, they have proven they offer quality services and wonderful experiences as reported in their reviews by some of their happy customers. So consider checking with family and friends as you might glean some important insights that you won’t find online.

    Get Reference on Movers from Previous Customers

    An additional source of reference would be previous customers that have dealt with a certain moving company and ask direct questions about their experiences. You may need to get a list of reliable movers from associations such as the America Moving and Storage Association and the State Movers Associations and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

    Good Reviews and Successful Track Record

    Reviews are a great source to consider as people generally leave reviews if they’ve had a really good or really bad experience – both are of great value for you to know before you hire a moving company. Reviews are insightful tools to get to know some of these highly recommended moving companies. Once you have the names of a few companies to look into, search for them as you may get some clues about important variables that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Based on the information you find online about companies that have been in operation for at least a few years, you will be able to discern the general idea of their professionalism and services. You will get to learn about their record of being on time, keeping rates fair, and maintaining the condition of their clients’ goods with no-damages during the moving process. Then, try to stick to those that have already proven to be competent and professional. Also, check if the company has a report with the Better Busines Bureau (BBB), which has reviews of more than 20,000 moving related companies. Pay attention to the letter grade assigned by BBB. Use the mover search tool on the Department of Transportation’s website.

    Licence and Insurance

    The U.S. Department of Transportation usually issues a unique USDOT number as well as insurance to registered movers by which they are legally bound to protect your property. So, visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to search the database of companies. Also, do a quick review of intrastate licensing laws in your state then verify that the moving company you are considering hiring abides by them. To find a trustworthy mover, visit Moving Company Directory to have access to almost 600 reputable movers across the nation, including Better Business Bureau data and customer reviews. Another source where you can get a hand on movers you can trust is the American Moving and Storage Association’s ProMovers List; it lists movers in each state that have already been vetted. Also, keep in mind to hire a moving company based in your area to avoid being tricked into doing business with an unscrupulous mover operating solely over the internet. Consider visiting the company and check out its equipment.

    Transparent Rates

    Consult with at least three companies and inquire about their base rate which does not include additional packing materials you may need. Usually, it will be a higher rate to move large, heavy objects or other incidental add-ons. Also, ask about what constitutes an extra fee. However, be suspicious that moving companies can’t give you a set estimate on the phone; they can only provide you with a general idea of how much you’ll need to spend. They should be willing to send someone to scope out the job.

    A Good Fit for Your Individual Needs

    Take time and think over your individual needs, so you can ask the potential movers the right questions for clarification purposes and for ensuring you’re picking the right fit. For example, consider inquiring about these points:
    Whether the company has a moving truck that is a good size to fit all of your boxes and furniture.
    Whether the company can provide additional packing supplies as needed, such as moving blankets, bubble wrap, garment boxes, etc.
    Whether the company has availabilities that you can choose from and meet your needs. Also, make sure their pick up and delivery times that are convenient for you as well.

    Read Reviews and Complaints

    It is always advisable to see what other customers are saying about the company. Google the name of the company slash (/) quoted “complaints” or “reviews”.

    Be Wary of Large Deposit Requirements

    Many companies won’t require any payment until your belongings are delivered. However, if you are required to make a deposit, it usually won’t exceed 20% of the estimated cost of the move. Use a credit card instead of other modes of payments to be able to contest the charge if there’s wrongdoing. In cases where your possessions are held hostage until you make the payment you are asked for, try contacting authorities who would help you through these circumstances. Also, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or with state or local consumer protection agency.

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