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How to Pack Up your Bathroom

Packing up a bathroom for a move may not seem like a complicated task. Whether you’re a bath bomb junkie, makeup hoarder or a family with lots children, each with their favorite bath time toy, the professionals at My Tucson Movers have some tips on how to make your move fast and easy.

Organize and Purge

The first step toward packing up your bathroom is to set aside your toiletry essentials into an overnight bag. This allows you to organized what is most important and provides easy access to the necessary items you need to start the next day in your new home.

Organizing your bathroom toiletries into an overnight bag also lets you purge yourself of broken appliances, such as hair dryers and curling irons, expired medicine/makeup and empty bottles. Freeing up your new bathroom from all of the old bathroom clutter.

Take time to go through your linen closet and throw away old, ripped, and well-used towels or consider repurposing them as cleaning rags for your new home. Light weight items such as linen, bath rugs or shower curtains should be packed on top of heavier items.

Protect Your Belongings

Many bathroom items come in small glass bottles that can easily be broken during a move if they are unprotected. As you pack those fragile items up, be sure to wrap them up individually in tissue paper or bubble wrap.

Bathroom toiletries are also prone to spilling and leaking. All of those liquids can make a big mess if they were to be opened during the move. Consider packing liquids like your shampoo and conditioner in Ziploc bags to avoid a massive spill.

Call In The Professionals

We know that moving can be overwhelming and stressful. All of us here at My Tucson Movers care a great deal about making your move as stress-free as possible. If you need help carefully packing up your home, My Tucson Movers is the company for you.

My Tucson Movers are Tucson Arizona’s most trusted professional movers, please give us a call at (520) 822-6140 when you’re ready to make your move.

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