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How to move safely

6 Tips For a Safe Move

  1. Send the kids and pets away for the day

When your move out day arrives, it would be best to farm the kids and pets out to someone else for the day.  Not only will your attention be divided, through no fault of your own, but your kids and pets will certainly know that something is changing, but may not fully understand what this means.  You will also likely have boxes stacked throughout your home, and will not be able to pay attention to kids and pets that may accidentally pull down boxes or run in front of either your friends and family that have volunteered to help you move, or the professional movers who may be moving very bulky and heavy appliances or furniture.  The likelihood that someone will get hurt with kids and pets running around is through the roof. Even if you just consider the fact that your front door will be open for a large portion of the day, you never know when a kid or pet will slip out and could get hurt or lost. If you can call in favors for people to help you pack or move, you can call in a favor for someone to babysit or pet sit for you!

  1. Packing

When packing, you will need to think logistically.  Do not pack so many items in a box that it is too heavy to lift.  Also, do not use extra-large boxes so that you can get as much stuff in one box as possible, keep in mind that you or someone else will have to lift these boxes and if they are too large or too heavy, someone is likely to have an accident.  You will also want to remember to double tape the bottom of your boxes so that you know it is secure and nothing will fall through. If you are packing delicate items, you will want to make sure to properly secure them, whether that be by using bubble-wrap or peanuts, or if you are packing dangerous items like knives, which should be rolled up into a towel.  Just make sure that everyone helping you pack and unpack is aware of how you are packing these delicate items and clearly label all of your boxes so that there are no surprises when it comes to loading and unpacking. Local moving companies in Tucson would advise you to be methodical in how you pack your vehicles or moving trucks. Remember that whatever you put into a moving truck first, will be the last thing to come out and vice versa.  You should also load heavier items on the bottom and place the more fragile boxes above them.

  1. Lifting/Support Belt

You are all packed and ready to start loading, but before you do, you should wear a support belt to try and maintain as much stability as you can.  When it comes to lifting boxes, you will want to bend at your knees and not your waist so as to avoid straining your back. You will also want to avoid twisting your torso when you are carrying boxes.  If a box feels especially heavy, be sure to ask someone else for help. You should never try to lift something that is uncomfortably heavy for you.

  1. Sliders

Sliders are a great tool for moving furniture.  The way they work is that they are round disks made of foam that you slip under the legs of furniture so that you can then slide the furniture across several different surfaces, whether it be hardwood, carpet or some even work on concrete.  Gone are the days when you and three of your closest friends have to pick up your oversized couch and attempt to awkwardly walk it through your house.

  1. Dollies

Call any Tucson moving service, and ask them what the number one tool for a successful move is, and they will tell you its dollies.  Dollies are platforms that are on wheels to help move the really heavy stuff. You can use smaller dollies, called utility dollies to stack a few boxes on and then wheel them to and from a moving truck, or you can use appliance dollies that will help you move things such as refrigerators, washing machines, pool tables, and hot tubs.

  1. Beat the heat

Any moving company in Tucson will tell you – Arizona is HOT.  We aren’t just talking about 90 degrees here, but more like 110 degrees of beautiful, dry, Arizona heat.  To protect yourself from the heat during moving, you will want to make a plan. You should try to move earlier in the day, and wear loose, breathable clothing, reapply sunscreen often, have plenty of water and then set up a network of oscillating fans (borrow them from friends if you do not have any) so that you do not get too hot when moving.  Keep in mind that you can come down with heatstroke extremely quickly, so if you start to not feel well, vocalize it and take a break for as long as you need to recover. If you lose a day because you are not feeling well, it is just something you will have to live with, because you will not get much done if you have to be hospitalized due to heatstroke and dehydration.

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