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3 Things To Do During a Local Move

When moving locally, people tend to think that they can skip some of the most crucial steps in planning a move.  Remember, you will be picking your entire life up from one residence and moving it into another, whether you are moving to a bigger home across town, or downsizing to avoid having to clean up a large house or garden, you will still need to have a very basic plan of action.  Below are just a few tips to consider when you start to plan the logistics of your local move.

Donate locally

While it may seem obvious that you will not want to move more things to your new home than you need, you would be shocked by how many people skip this step.  When you know that you are going to move you will have to go through all of your belongings regardless, so you should go the extra step and donate anything that you can to local charities.  Clothes are the first thing we think of when considering downsizing a bit, but there are other things that are excellent to donate. Tables, chairs, couches, mattresses, dressers and other furniture are highly sought after for charitable donations.  You may also consider donating appliances that are still in good working order such as refrigerators, washing and drying machines, microwaves or ovens. Other items that the less fortunate would benefit from would be lightly used shoes, old pots, and pans, cups, plates, bowls or utensils.  The important thing to keep in mind when going through items to donate is that they are still in good condition without any major issues. If you have a mattress that is torn to shreds with stains all over it, not only will someone else not want that, but donation sites likely will not even accept it.

Avoid hot weather and traffic

You do not have to live in Tucson, Arizona to know that it is hot!  If you are moving from out of state to Tucson, hiring a local mover is very important for they are already acclimated to the beautiful, but extreme heat that Tucson has to offer.  It can take a newcomer anywhere from two weeks to six months to fully acclimate to the dry heat of Arizona. You should be aware that the hottest times of the day are between 1 pm and 5 pm, so you should plan your move accordingly.  Taking the proper precautions during your move is essential, such as dressing appropriately, which means light, breathable clothing, wearing a hat and/or sunglasses, proper footwear, wearing and reapplying sunscreen often, and having plenty of water available to stay hydrated.  Though those tips are geared towards people who are new to Arizona, the rest of us Arizonians should heed that advice as well. Just because you have lived here your whole life does not mean that you are immune to the harsh effects of too much sun and heat. You will also want to be familiar with traffic in the area, not just on a day to day basis, but take note of any special events that may be happening in the area around your move-in date.  Special events might include things such as concerts, holiday celebrations such as Halloween or the 4th of July, college move-in days, or community events that will close down major thoroughfares for any amount of time.

Hire a local moving company

Many people attempt to move themselves if it is just going to be locally, but honestly, while it may save you a little bit of money, it certainly will not save you time.  There are local movers in Tucson that will come out and do a walkthrough of your home and give you an estimate, and then schedule a day to come and move all of your belongings.  The great thing about this is that the movers are familiar with the area and the weather, and will come with all of the packing materials that will be needed, and equipment to help move the heavier pieces. In some cases, they may even be able to move you completely out of one home and into the next, even going so far as to help you unpack in one day.  You read that correctly – one day!  Think of all of the extra time that will afford you to plan a housewarming party.  The other beneficial thing about hiring a local moving company is that you are directly contributing to your local economy.  Chances are that the employees there will live in your city, meaning that you are helping them live their lives as well. Local moving companies also have a more vested interest in providing excellent customer service, because they know that people will either rave or rant about the service they receive. 

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