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When is the Best Time to Move to a New Home?

You probably think that the best time to move is whenever you need to move. Unfortunately, that may not really be the best time to move. There may be a way to get the timing right, but achieving that won’t always be simple.

The best moving companies tend to be very busy at a few specific times of the year. If you wish to compete with the rest of Tucson for great moving services, you will have to do some planning in advance to make that happen. Some industry estimates say that approximately 80% of all moves occur in the summer season.

Many Customers of Tucson Moving Companies Prefer to Move in July and August

A lot of families will choose to move during their children’s summer vacation so as to cause minimal disruption in their child’s education. This makes a lot of sense, though it also means the child may spend a summer with no friends in the new neighborhood since school is the easiest place to make new ones. Still, not having to learn a new curriculum in the middle of a semester can make summer the best time to move. Another consideration is usually the temperature during Arizona summers, but if you are hiring professionals, you won’t really be affected by that.

Book your Tucson Moving Services well in Advance

If you do decide to move during the busiest season, you probably have to book this job with a lot of lead time. If you wait until the last minute to do it, you either will pay a premium for it or you may even be unable to get fit into the more popular moving companies’ schedule.

Hotels and airlines try to book business as far in advance as possible so they can avoid high vacancies. Moving companies are the same way. Booking early and for the off-season can actually net you the absolute best Tucson moving rates possible. You have got to get on the phone and ask around! You may be better off booking for the fall and making sure your move does not fall on the end of the month.

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