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Moving your child home from college for the summer.

Relocating for Your Summer Internships

Regardless of the industry, internships are often the stepping stones between college and a career. They’re an opportunity for prospective employers to put candidates through trial runs while showing the student what they can expect from a given field.

When searching through the list of internships, make a note of the location. Sometimes, you’ll get lucky and find a summer internship opportunity within driving distance of your current home. Another option is to find an internship in different city that you are curious about moving to after graduation. Temporary relocations like these can be as much of a headache as a permanent move, so we’ve put together a short list of things that will help make your move a little easier.

Look for Assistance

Relocating for an internship is a costly proposition; between travel, packing, and finding adequate housing, the costs can be insurmountable for most students. It’s expensive, and these programs offer little, if any, pay.

Depending on your school, the internship program may have housing set aside for intern use. If your school doesn’t offer assistance, find out in the company offers any relocation support. Some companies might even provide a stipend to help cover rent and utility costs during your stay. Contact your company’s HR department for more information.

Travel Light

When packing, consider how long your internship will last. If you’re only going to be away for the summer semester, it doesn’t make sense for you to uproot your entire life.

Instead, travel light: pack a suitcase full of professional clothes and a few minor essentials. Other than clothes, you’ll likely be able to buy the things that you need from a local store. Find out what amenities will be available during your stay; they might change what you intend to pack.

Explore and Learn the Area

Once you’ve moved in, you should take the opportunity to explore your new surroundings. Even if you’re only going to spend a few short months in the city, you’ll want to learn how to find your way around. Plan out the best route for your first day on the job and visit the site ahead of time.

Get acquainted with the new neighborhood. Learn where the local grocery store is and stock up on some supplies. Once you’re working, you’ll want to use your off time for relaxation.

Professional Moving in Arizona

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