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Five Tips for New Couples Moving in Together in Tucson, Arizona.

5 Tips for New Couples Moving in Together

Moving in with your significant other is one of the most important milestones you can cross in a relationship. And while some aspects may sound endlessly appealing – such as splitting rent and spending more time together – there are plenty of factors you need to keep in mind so that they don’t negatively affect your relationship.

The team at My Tucson Movers knows how exciting and scary this step can be, so we’ve organized a quick guide of five tips for couples who are moving in together.

1. Create a Budget

First and foremost, before any packing or planning occurs, you and your significant other need to talk about financials. Set a budget in place and account for extra costs here and there. Having a budget in place will create a starting point for future financial merges such as bills, rent, and so on.

2. Establish Ground Rules

Some rules are meant to be broken – but not ground rules. Living with someone is completely different than having sleepovers (and having the chance to flee freely to the comfort of your own space). Just because you and your partner are compatible, does not mean that your living habits are similar. You may be a neat freak, and your partner may be a bit messier, and that is completely okay – as long as you set rules and expectations in place.

3. Have Your Own Space

Yes, quality time is great, but sometimes you need time off to yourself. Regardless of if it’s in the form of a man cave or a reading nook, find a space that is completely yours and make it off limits to your partner. This will help you maintain your individuality and keep you from ripping each others hair out.

4. Stay Organized with a Calendar

Purchasing a calendar and placing it in a communal room such as the kitchen or entryway will allow you and your partner to pencil things in and keep each other updated. Not only will this keep you organized and on top of your events, but it will lessen miscommunication mishaps that can easily be avoided with organization.

5. Be Prepared For a Relationship Change

With a change as drastic as moving in with one another, it is no surprise that your relationship may fluctuate a bit. Moving in will require effort on both parts to keep the relationship alive and thriving. Change can be scary, but it’s definitely worth it.

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