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Moving for the Military

Moving in the Military

Moving for the military is a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, you are given the opportunity to travel the country and potentially the world to see some incredible new views. On the other hand, moving can be extremely stressful and costly. With that said, there are options set in place to assist with the moving process for members of the military.

Traveling within the United States

When receiving one’s permanent change of station orders (PCS), it is of the utmost importance to begin your moving process. According to military sources and My Tucson Moving professionals, during the peak moving season (May through August) pickup and delivery dates go quickly. For this reason, it is important to request a moving date as soon as possible.

Through this particular route, military moves are often limited by weight to approximately 1,000 pounds per room. The move quickly becomes an excellent time to dispose of any unnecessary items: working on decluttering while simultaneously avoiding costly additional weight fees. It would not make sense for military personnel stationed in Florida to pack three heavy winter coats; and while this is a small example, it serves to show that every bit can help in a military move.

Overseas Military Move

While some similarities exist between the local PCS moves, overseas military moves are a different ball game. According to military sources, it is best to contact the Transportation and Management Office to learn the exact and logistical details of the move.

An overseas move has much in common with what we discussed above, as it is best to keep the moving load light. There are typically two shipments, one consisting of household essentials (extra clothes, utensils, pots, and pans) and one consisting of “household goods” (anything legally able to be shipped).

Like most international travels, it is imperative to have the proper documents in order; whether that be passports, driver’s licenses, visas, or even birth certificates. The importance of having proper identification and documentation readily available may seem obvious, but what of other valuable documents and belongings. The military does have allowances for specific documents and papers to be permitted, without a travel fee.

There to Help Through it

There are plenty of resources made available for military servicemen and servicewomen who are attempting to relocate for their PCS. More often than not there allowances for- dislocation, temporary lodging, and shipment.

The professionals at My Tucson Movers acknowledge both the hard-working military personnel and the government striving to provide a slice of home while away from “home.” My Tucson Movers are the premier moving service in Tucson, Arizona and would be honored to assist in any way that they can. Give them a call today at (520) 822-6140 today to see how they can make your Tucson move a breeze.

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