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Preparing your pet for a move.

How to Prepare Your Pet for a Move

Moving With Your Pet

Short or long-distance, moving can be one of the most stressful things we do in our lives. With all the work of packing and preparing your home, it’s easy to forget in all of that chaos about the wellbeing of your pets. For pets, moving can be an even more stressful time. With the appropriate planning, moving your pet can be done easily and safely. To save your pet some moving anxiety, here are a few tips on how to prepare your pet for a move.

Preplanning Is The Key

From the time you decide that you are moving it’s important to begin the planning and preparations for your pet too. Schedule an appointment with your Veterinarian for a check-up and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re moving out of state, check what the local and state regulations are and obtain the proper paperwork for your pet such as identification information, Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, Official Health Certificate, or rabies vaccination information. Make suitable arrangements for your pet if you’re traveling by plane or car. There are stark differences in moving cats and dogs when compared to moving fish and reptiles, which may require unique transportation methods.

Additionally, it is imperative to prepare a travel kit for your pet. It should include anything you’d need at hand, such as food, water, medications, treats, leashes, toys, blankets, and their paperwork. If you’re driving, consider the time you will be on the road and the route you will be going. Plan to make regular stops to let your pet out to stretch and use the bathroom. If possible, assign a specific person to be in charge of the pet during to the move.

For pets that need to be crated, it’s best to slowly adjust them to the crate over time so they are comfortable on moving day. Start by placing their food inside and letting them eat there, add toys or blankets inside, and over time lock the door with them inside. Carry the crate around to get them used to the sensation. If needed, consult your vet about sedation during the move.

During The Move

Moving day is likely to be a chaotic day for everyone including pets. Loud noises, rapid movement, and new people can make your pet extremely uneasy. It’s important, for these reasons, to remove all pets from the moving area and keep them secluded to a place where they can be calm and relaxed. Place them in a room that has already been packed or in a crate to safeguard that they do not runaway during the move.

Before leaving, make sure that you do not feed your pet to avoid a stomach ache on the road. Make sure to let your pet out periodically and always walk them on a leash in safe areas away from vehicle traffic. That way no pet goes missing in an unfamiliar area in the middle of a move.

Adjusting To The New Home

It’s just as essential to keep your pet in a secure and calm place where they can relax until the move-in process is complete. Add toys, blankets or treats familiar to lessen their anxiety in the new environment.

Pets are very susceptible to change, with some more than others taking longer to adapt to changes. It’s best to slowly introduce them to their surroundings. Have the pet stay indoors for a few days so they can adjust and familiarize themselves with the home. Keep up a regular feeding and walking routine to help them adjust. If you’re moving somewhere local, walk your dog around the neighborhood to get them familiar with all the new smells surrounding your new home.

Before letting them out into outside areas, check that there are no safety hazards or poisonous plants that could harm them. Check fencing and any routes of possible escape as well. Ensure that your pet has updated information on their collar if your pet does decide to wander around the neighborhood.

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