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Four Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

Four Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

Moving day can be stressful for everyone and asking the right questions will make your transition to your new home much easier. After packing your belongings in boxes and clearing out your space, you should trust that your items are taken care of by the most trusted and reliable movers. After all, relocating is a huge life-moment. You should know who your movers are, what they charge, and how they’ll do it. Getting the information you need will make for a stress-free move and a great beginning to this new chapter in your life.


1.) How is your business right for me?

Often, the history of a company can be a good indicator of the expertise and training your mover brings. To see what other customers think about the service they received, check the reviews or ask for references. This is the easiest way to avoid scams and the information can usually be found on the company website. Another way to avoid scams is to find out if your company is certified. To see if they’re licensed and insured – just ask for the USDOT Number. Lastly, before the day arrives, you should be aware of any documents you need to prepare and what you’ll be signing.


2.) How much will it cost me?

Before signing anything, you should calculate what you’re being charged for. Some movers charge by the weight of your items and how far they’ll drive. Others charge hourly and by the number of team members. Some evaluate their fees with both factors in mind. You don’t want to be surprised with extra fees so it’s best to ask about their policies if you live somewhere with stairs, an elevator, or if parking is far from your door. This is especially important if you have any oversized items like a couch, piano, or tables, which may be charged extra. Also, if you’re moving long-distance it would be helpful to ask if there are any fuel charges. 

3.) What are the extra services?

Other than bringing a truck with a few team members, movers can do more than just handle your items. Some movers may pack, unpack, and even crate. It is helpful to ask beforehand the cost of packing services in case you need to prepare your items. If you’re on a tight schedule, these services can be a great asset. Also, it is important to ask your movers who will be loading and unloading the truck. Fragile and oversized items should be handled by professionals and only those physically capable of doing it safely. 

4.) What are the logistics?

To protect your belongings from any liabilities, check to see if your mover’s vehicle has been serviced. A vehicle in working condition is a good sign that your items will arrive scratch-free and on time. If you have fragile or expensive items, then it’s a good idea to inquire if your moving company provides insurance. Consider your options if you would like coverage for your items and budget accordingly. To prepare for any scenario, check with your movers about what policies they have for on-site injuries and who would be responsible. 

There are dozens of questions you could ask your mover, and the more you ask, the better. Getting the information to make the right choice shouldn’t be a hassle. The only thing you should worry about on your moving day is enjoying your new home. Now that you know what questions to ask your movers, your next step is to find the moving company that will make your day stress-free!

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