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natural cleaning alternatives using lemon to prepare for your next move.

Cleaning Hacks for Movers

Moving is no easy task. It requires a lot of organizing and planning. Although you’ve saved money and time by hiring local Tucson movers, you’ve just purchased or will be renting a new home. Not to mention other miscellaneous expenditures you’ll make in the process of moving. Often times, people moving out will hire a cleaning service to help take care of the task. However, sometimes that’s an extra expense movers can’t really afford.

Cleaning your former home will help both future tenants and yourself out as well, so here are a couple of tips for apartment moves, house moves, or office moves.

Before Packing Up

Packing is no fun task, but unpacking and rearranging belongings in your new place can be great. What could make that experience even better? Knowing your pots and pans and other belongings are nice, clean and ready to be used for the first home cooked meal in your new home.

Pots and pans can and will collect numerous stains over time. One way to remove those stains is by taking water and boiling it in the dirty dish, then adding apple peels and allowing them to simmer for an hour or so. Ketchup – one of the most common condiments—can also be used to clean pans with copper bottoms.

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Maybe you’re moving to a new office, but you just can’t leave your dirty coffee machine behind! A great way to remove build-up on teakettles, coffee pots or coffee machines is by simply using vinegar and a toothbrush to scrub it off.

Removing Carpet Stains

Carpet stains are one of the most common problems found in Tucson apartments and homes. Sometimes brand name carpet cleaning solutions are simply over-priced and aren’t as successful as you’d like or expect.

There are multiple homemade solutions you can concoct with common household items. You can easily mix ¼ teaspoon of clear liquid dishwashing soap and mix it into a cup of room temperature water to make a powerful cleaner. Another simple solution requires you to mix up one cup of white vinegar and two cups of room temperature water. Another trusty combination is combining hydrogen peroxide and blue Dawn dish soap. Take a cloth and dip it into any of these solutions and start scrubbing, instead of applying the cleaner directly to the carpet. You should never pour the solution directly onto a carpet or you could end up with mildew.

Cleaning your Bathroom and Kitchen

Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to get rid of the grout and water stains and build up that have accumulated over the years. Did you know dryer sheets could remove build-up from glass?

Another way to get rid of mold built up in your bath tile is a nice combination of bleach and baking soda.

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To remove those stubborn water stains from bathroom sinks, bathtubs and kitchen sinks, use waxed paper to not only get rid of, but also prevent water spots and finger prints for future residents.

The combination of vinegar and castile soap will also serve as a great multi-purpose bathroom cleaner.

Chiquita Banana!

Maybe you’ve inherited nice silverware from your parents if you’re fresh out of college and out on your own. You can use the inside of banana peels for polishing silver. This applies to more than just silverware. Some say it even helps whiten teeth!

A Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

Future tenants of your former home will appreciate you leaving a clean kitchen behind, and so will the landlord.

To remove stickiness from countertops, use baking soda and water. Spread the mixture over the sticky area and place plastic wrap over it for a couple of hours. Then, scrub it clean to remove not only the mixture, but also the old sticky layer that once took over your countertops and tables. This works great for fruit juice or wine spills.

To remove stains from a granite countertop, simply mix flour and hydrogen peroxide. Spread the thick mixture on your countertop, and like the baking soda and water combination, place plastic wrap over the thick layer for a couple of hours. Once enough time has elapsed, scrub off the thick cleaner.

To clean your garbage disposal, you can run slices of lemons through the disposal. You can also work lemon slices into your dishwasher. The citric acid helps lift oils from inside the machine. Lemons are very versatile. You can combine three tablespoons of lemon juice and a cup and a half of water and heat it up in the microwave for about five minutes. Then follow up by wiping the inside of your microwave. This helps remove the combination of smells your microwave has accumulated over the years as well as those pesky stains that won’t go away with a regular sponge.

You professional movers have already assisted with the toughest part of your moving experience. Now it is up to you to leave the old place spick and span. Your former home is home to memories and experiences. When future tenants arrive to such a clean new home, they’ll be sure to enjoy it just as you did.

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