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Best Tips for Packing by Professional Movers

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    There are a number of individual tasks to consider when deciding to move to a new home. It is one of the most complicated tasks one would have to complete in life. There is so much to plan and so much to decide when moving. There are definitely pros when hiring professional movers such as Tucson Movers company to handle your moving process. Here are the pros and tips for easy packing to guarantee hassle-free moving:

    Easy Moving and Packing Tips That Make Your Move So Simple

    Prior to moving day, aim to pack a few boxes every day and label each one to keep track of what is where. Here are some tips for successful packing and labeling system to adapt to ease potential stress:

    • List what is in the box or use a color-coded labeling system where each color corresponds to a particular room. Avoid mixing items to save time during the unpacking process.
    • Also, you may consider downloading an app for your phone to assign QR code to a box. Then, list the contents inside the boxes. Read more about doing this here.
    • Keep aware of these locations to find free boxes such as furniture stores, Costco and Sam’s Club, and Craigslist as well.
    • Use the heavy-duty tape to secure dressers’ drawers.
    • Take photos of electronics before unplugging them to avoid guesswork of powering them up later.
    • Use Space Bags to store bulky items and bed sheets for easier transportation.
    • Use stretch wrap to cover heavy duty furniture and prevent scratches, and place a cover over your mattress to keep out dirt and stains.
    • Schedule a free donation pick up of the item you are no longer use or wear
    • Set aside stuff to sell to get a little money for instead of storing them or trashing them
    • Pick the right moving day at least a month out so you can plan accordingly. Try to find the cheapest time of month during weekdays instead of weekends as might get a significant discount.

    Pros of Hiring Professional Movers

    Professional movers generally are experienced and skilled at handling all these individual tasks that are required to get the moving process done smoothly and safely. Some of the benefits we tend to earn by assigning these difficult tasks to professional mover companies are:

    • We are left with more time to focus on other tasks from caring for our children, preparing pets for the move, setting up utilities in a new home, and changing our mailing address.
    • We will have less responsibility when hiring a professional company and feel less anxious about the whole process.
    • They are skilled at driving and can maneuvering large trucks that are weighed down with all of our possessions, so we do not have to deal with such a difficult task and challenging responsibility.
    • Professional movers are experienced and trained, and they can efficiently wrap all of our personal belongings in a short amount of time. They can successfully conserve space for most cumbersome items to fit in the back of the truck. They are well trained in protecting your floors and walls as well as your items and personal belongings from being damaged.  
    • They are well trained in taking care of the physically taxing work such as lifting heavy items, making our moving experience less stressful.

    Why Choose Us

    Our professional crews at Tucson Movers are here to handle your moving process and deliver outstanding and quality services. We know what it takes to ensure safe and efficient moving experience. We will exceed your expectations and make it a stress-free process for you. Our team of expert movers will make sure to pack and safely transport your precious belongings to keep it in its best condition and shape. Over the years of being in business, we have built a reputation for offering cost-effective, top- quality, and personalized experience to get you settled into your new space. Call us today at 520-822-6140, or contact us online.

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