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7 Reasons You Should Hire a Moving Company

  1. Tucson is HOT

Whether you are moving into, or out of Tucson, Arizona, there is one thing that will always be a factor, and that is those long, hot Tucson days.  Who wants to be carrying heavy boxes and trying to figure out how to organize them when you are battling temperatures of 90+ degrees? No one. When you hire a professional moving company in Tucson, they will not only know what to expect when it comes to soaring temperatures, but they will be well prepared to work in the heat.

  1. You are NOT a packing expert

I know, I know, most of you are here looking for helpful tips, some of which may be the most efficient ways to pack, but let’s be honest, no matter how many articles you look up, or how many “packing ideas” you have pinned to your Pinterest boards, there is no one that will pack better than a professional moving company.  Not only will they know exactly the right way to pack items to protect them, but they will also know the best way to load them onto a moving truck ensuring that your items do not get damaged.

  1. Movers come with helpful tools and supplies

When was the last time you tried to move your refrigerator?  How about your washer and dryer? Perhaps, you have a large sectional couch – when was the last time you tried to pack in a vehicle to move it?  My guess is that you may never have had to move some of these items, in which case you should know that that is not only extremely heavy, but they are large and awkward to move.  Professional moving companies not only come with packing materials such as tape, bubble wrap, and boxes, but they will also have moving blankets for wooden furniture as well as dollies, sliding pads and moving straps that make moving large objects much, much easier.  They have the tools to get the job done quickly and they will have the knowledge of how to move large objects in a safe and secure way.

  1. Your time is valuable

When it comes to moving, we often think that it is something we can do over a weekend, but that could not be farther from the truth.  From the second you decide to move, until the day of the actual move can at times take months. You will spend nights after work and weekends dedicated to packing everything slowly but surely.  While this may be your style, there are occasions where you will need to expedite your move. A moving company can come in with a crew of several people that can have your entire house packed and moved in a weekend.  Not only will they help pack everything, but in Tucson, there are a few local moving companies that will also help you unpack your belongings and even help you hang things such as televisions, framed pictures or shelves.

  1. It is not as expensive as people think

A lot of people dismiss hiring a moving company without giving it much thought.  There is this mentality that it shows laziness on one’s part by hiring a company to come out and move their belongings, but honestly, once you are out of the college years, you should budget in hiring a moving company in Tucson as a cost of moving.  The average price to hire a moving company for a full service to help you pack up and move a three bedroom, two bathroom home is somewhere in the realm of about $1,200. Again, when it comes to the stress of a self move as well as the time you have to invest, not to mention the favors you will have to call in from friends and family, everyone will be a lot happier if you just take the plunge and hire a moving company.  At the very least, it is worth contacting a trusted moving company in Tucson to have them come out and give you an estimate.

Hiring a moving company is not the pain you think it will be.  Not only will they save you time, but there is the added bonus that you will be able to save your body some aches and pains.  When it comes down to it, hiring a Tucson moving company will allow you to focus on the important things in your life, such as your family or work obligations.  You will also have the peace of mind that your belongings are being packed and shipped in a safe matter, and that you will have extra coverage just in case something does get damaged.  The easiest thing you can do today to prepare for your move, whether it be local or long distance is to contact a moving company in Tucson and have them come out to chat about what your needs. Give My Tucson Movers a call today and let us help you with your home move, commercial move or long distance move.

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