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how to pack your living room when preparing to move.

5 Steps to Protect Furniture When Moving

Moving furniture can be a daunting task. With tables, chairs, and mattresses all battling for attention, where should you look first? Before you begin playing an epic game of life-size Tetris, take a look at these steps to protect your furniture.

1. Have a Plan.

Before making the big move, have a game plan first. The easiest way to keep all of your furniture intact and looking brand new is to avoid unnecessary packing and unpacking. Mark moving boxes with easy to understand tags: kitchen, bedroom or storage. This will allow both yourself and your moving crew to know where each box should be placed and if the components inside are fragile.

Make a list of larger items in each room, such as tables and headboards, and then measure doorways and hallways prior to moving day. Larger items may not fit through stairwells or doorways, and may need to be disassembled.

2. Remove and Disassemble.

Knobs, legs and cushions: If they can be removed, remove them. Removable pieces can get in the way or snag while moving. Any piece that can be detached from furniture should be removed and packaged separately to keep them looking their best.

Recycle Old Linens.

Though you may want to repurchase towels and blankets when moving furniture to a new destination, think twice before tossing your old linens in the trash. Utilize linens to provide a barrier for scratch-sensitive furniture like wood and glass. As your furniture continues its route across Oro Valley, your old summer towels reduce the risk of furniture bumping in cargo.

Cardboard is your Friend.

Cardboard is another easily recyclable material that is incredibly beneficial when moving furniture. When transporting desks and dressers, place pieces of cardboard on all four corners. Edges of larger pieces are more susceptible to bangs and dents while moving, and the addition of cardboard provides a bang-proof barrier. Likewise, place cardboard atop glass tabletops to prevent scratches.

Wrap it up.

Move over dinner leftovers; plastic wrap has found another purpose. Similar to its daily use in the kitchen, plastic wrap keeps your furniture fresh, in a metaphorical type of way. There are plenty of ways to put plastic wrap to good use: Gather stray items such as electric cords, table legs, and door knobs, and secure them together. Pack clothing in dresser drawers, and plastic wrap around the dresser to ensure drawers stay in place during transit. Likewise, plastic wrap will ensure dirt and dust from Pima County won’t find its way onto your furniture.

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