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tips for moving in the summer.

3 Things You Need To Know About Moving in Summer

Summertime is the season when everyone wants to catch as many rays as possible – unless you’re trying to avoid the heat when planning for a summer move. Moving during the summer needs to be strategic because of the many aspects that accompany summer travel. The kids are out of school and home buying season is at its peak, so summer looks to be an ideal time for a move. My Tucson Movers have provided you with three things you need to know about moving in the summer!


It is no surprise that everyone loves to travel in the summer. With more traveling comes more traffic. Be sure to get out on the road as early as possible and prepare for some traffic jams. Plan your route efficiently, research alternative routes and plan stops to ensure a timely and orderly move. Try to avoid areas of high traffic density at peak times such as rush hour in the morning and evenings.

The Heat

Summer weather varies from day to day. You either get scorching temperatures or crazy thunderstorms! Your best bet is to expect the unexpected, plan for the worst, but wish for the best. Make sure to wear lightweight fabrics, a hat, and eyewear. Apply some sunscreen even if your appearance in the sun will be short. Pack a raincoat or umbrella in case the weather decides to turn on you. More importantly, stay hydrated!

Independence Day

A previous report from the AAA (American Automobile Association) indicated that the Fourth of July will cause around 45 million Americans to travel away from home. Trying to avoid this weekend for a move is the smartest decision possible! Start searching for your moving company in advance if you plan to travel around this holiday or any other busy summertime holidays.

Plan a Summertime Move With My Tucson Movers

A summer move can be hectic and stressful due to many varying factors. Thankfully, our moving experts at My Tucson Movers are prepared for your summertime move. Reliable, local, efficient and affordable – My Tucson Movers will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Call us at 520-822-6140 or contact us here for a free moving quote!

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