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Moving to Tucson, Arizona in 2019.

Why You Should Move to Tucson Arizona in 2019

An Outdoor World for Everyone

If you’re unfamiliar with Arizona, it’s in the middle of an environment that’s unlike anything else. There are beautiful, breath-taking mountains in every direction, like Mount Lemmon for example, which is part of the Santa Catalina Mountain range. The spectacular natural environment has something for everyone, like the deep blue skies during the day and the endless amount of stars after sundown. If you haven’t witnessed a starry night away from light pollution before, it can be a life changing moment!

Beautiful Weather all Year Long

Even though, yes, it can be very hot in Arizona… there is almost no humidity at all! The summer temperatures can get to be pretty high but since it’s dry heat it actually feels completely different than a hot day near the equator. Tucson always has amazing weather for any outdoor activities you could think of, like biking, hiking, camping, or anything else. Just make sure you bring some water and sunblock!

Location is Never an Issue!

Arizona, even though it’s in the middle of the desert, is actually a decent location to be able to take weekend trips and still live away from the hustle and bustle of the big city… let alone that the rent in Tucson is so much cheaper too! It’s about 7 hours from Disneyland in California, one of the most magical places on Earth! Driving a bit to have a fun weekend in Southern California with your friends or family is easy, and it really lets you be able to enjoy extremely different parts of the country with little to no effort! San Diego and the Pacific Ocean are only 6 hours away, and obviously, you’re right by the Mexican border as well! The options for what you can do are nearly limitless, so go wild!

Thinking About Making a Move?

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