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A Hassle-Free Guide to Packing and Moving in Tucson

Moving can not only cause your stress levels to go through the roof, but it can also be a rigorous process when you’re not adequately prepared.

Planning ahead and staying organized is key to a stress-free move. Lower the risk of making costly moving mistakes with our hassle-free guide to packing and moving in Tucson, Arizona.

Two Months Before the Move

Begin packing by purging clutter and other unneeded items. Donate gently-used clothing, furniture, home appliances, and office equipment to your local donation facility or recycling center.

If you haven’t used any old items within the past year, they are likely not going to be of use in your next home. Avoid the buildup of junk entirely by decluttering entirely. The less stuff you have for a home or office move, the easier it’ll be to pack, unpack, and organize accordingly.

Six Weeks Before the Move

As you prepare for the big move, confirm your moving date with your professional moving company. If renting, notify your landlord ahead of time so that they have time to prepare.

Choose to move in the middle of the week during the afternoon so that the roads won’t be as crowded. It is also recommended to avoid moving during the holiday season as to avoid local and long distance traffic.

Contact your bank, internet, cable, and utility companies to update your address and billing information in time for moving day.

Four Weeks Before the Move

Make visits to your local grocery store or shopping center and stock up on moving boxes, old newspapers, and other throwaway supplies you can use to help speed up the moving process.

Once you’ve gathered enough boxes, start packing items that are not essential for everyday use: books, decorative pieces, non-seasonal clothing, etc.

Two Weeks Before the Move

Rooms that are less occupied and used throughout the week should start being packed up. This way you’ll have more time for the more prioritized rooms closer to moving day.

Four Days Before the Move

Start planning your trip and choosing which routes will be best ensuring that there is no construction or planned roadworks taking place.

You should also be finalizing your packing process, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Set aside any essentials in an duffle bag and perhaps count on some plasticware to get you by for the next couple of days.

One Day Before the Move

Once all packing had been tended to, make sure to keep important documents and the keys to your new home in a safe place. You don’t want to go stir-crazy looking for them amidst the chaotic process of moving day.

Moving Day Loading

The big day is finally here! Ensure that you have everything you need and ready before your helpers arrive. Set aside refreshments and snacks for the lengthy process.

Once the van is packed, do a walk-through to make sure you haven’t left anything behind and do some cleaning if necessary.

Moving Day Unloading

Prioritize all of your larger furniture first while you have the extra help to set it all up. Your bed might be the most important as you’ll be exhausted by the end of the day.
Plan on calling for take-out and delivery since you’ll have little energy to cook you and your friends something to eat.

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